Pari sinus
Dear expert team, which experience is present with an 11-year-old and the PARI SINUS (no adenoids but often greenish, viscous mucous and chron. Pseudomonas aeruginosa): Can also Tobramycin be inhaled in case of infection (if yes in what dosage) or other drugs?? Many thanks for your advice.
not sure this went through the first time so... We are in France to visit my mother in law's family. We burned the motor out on my son's Pari Ultra II nebulizer even using an adapter. Does anyone know where we could find an e-flow or other battery operated nebulizer or some that would be ...
Time intervall between Colistin/DNAse
Dear expert team, my 11-year old son inhales with the e-flow: -in the mornings and in the evenings 5ml NaCl and afterwards Colistin - in the middle of the day DNAse (does not have mucus, that has to be mobilized) Is it possible on holidays to change the order due to lack of time e.g. -in ...
Distilled water
Hello, it has been recommended to us, to clean the inhalettes only with distilled water. With that one spends the 5l-bottle very no later than 4 cleaning procedures it is empty. The insurance does not cover the distilled water. Therefore the question: can one clean also with normal ...
Inhalation with high-dosage saline
Dear expert team, at a talk in the year 2000 high-dosage saline (6%-solution) was dehorted absolutely in case of pseudmonas-free lungs - is that still the case? Best regards
Hello, I would like to ask the users about their experience with this inhalator. I am considering to purchase this inhalator but was unable to find any information on the internet except for technical data. Is the quality of inhalation at least comparable to the inhalation with Pari Master? How ...
Inhaled antibiotics available in Germany
My daughter will be studying in Germany for 6 months this spring/summer and is interested in what inhaled antibiotics are available and approved for use in CF there. Could someone tell us?
Goodafternoon. My son has cystic fibrosis. In case of the exacerbation he is treated with antibiotics in Kaunas clinics. Pseudomonas is finding in him sputum. He is treated with amikacin and ceftazidim. I would like to known about possibility to use inhaled tobramycin. Why he not treated this drug ...
Hello! What can replace Colistin in aerosols in patients with CF? Colistin can not be found in pharmacies , they say is no longer manufactured, and if there is an equivalent for it and what are the doses for preparing aerosols.
Results of I-neb, knowledge ?
Is there more knowledge on the i-neb?
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