My child (6 years old) has CF. What is the best medicine hor him to get the mucus thinner?
Good evening, I have two nieces with CF, and we would like to know if there is a sterilizer available for inhalators and other aids. My sister boils them and dries them with a hair dryer. Thank you
disinfection in freezer
Can the frost in the freezer replace disinfection with these preparations (nebulization equipment)?
Which drugs can one inhale with the I-neb by Respironics at this point? I would particularly be interested in whether there are any desoxyribonucleasis (Dornase alfa) and fenoterol/ipratropium bromide chips. Greetings, S. Ekindy.
Inhalor and flutter cleaning
What is the best way of desinfication and cleaning of a inhalor and flutter?
Hi, I use ACC for inhalation, but I have heartburn and stomach difficulties, so I wish to ask you for advice. What is the difference between dornase and acetylcystein? Do you think that I can start dornase? Thank you.
Hypertonic saline
Can you explain me what the advantages and/or disadvantages are of the inhaled hypertonic saline in cystic fibrosis patients. Some patients show good results, other far less. Could you explain me what the basis is of this different response ? Thanks.
Asthma inhaler
Hello, Because of an infection my general practicioner just gave me the asthma inhaler Salbuhexal®. Now I feel a bit uncertain because I have never heard that in connection with CF and because I am not sure to what extent a general practitioner is competent with regards to CF related ...
Hypertonic saline
Hello, for how long can hypertonic saline (HS) be used? My daughter has inhaled it for more than one year, before she was on Amiloride. She expectorates better using HS. One of adverse effects is irritation of respiratory tract. Would not it be better to sometimes change HS with Amiloride? Thank ...
Colistin CF for a 3 years old child?
Three weeks ago we received the diagnosis that our 3,5 years old son is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. He is very well. Currently, he receives the following medicaments: In the morning: Inhalation with nacl 0,9% 1,5 ml and acc inject 1,5ml Ciprobay 3ml Cephalexin ...
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