Inhalation devices for CF patients
Is there a good alternative for the e-flow®? We inhale three times a day (two times Mucoclear® 6% and one time Pulmozyme® and realize with the e-flow® a rapid decrease of the inhalation power. With a new nebulizer, an inhalation of one ampoule takes only about 6 minutes, however after some time ...
Hydrogen peroxide
I have read, that 0.3% hydrogen peroxide could be helpful if used with a nebulizer in case of lung diseases. Furthermore it says that i.v. treatments in case of COPD/emphysema can stop the progress of the illness and partly even improve it. Are there any experiences in connection to CF? I could ...
Ataluren® and Bramitob®
I have CF and the mutations F508del & L732X. I am 29 years old and I take for many years Bramitob® (Tobramycin for inhalation). Can I take Ataluren®?
Acetyl-cystein inject inhalation
Dear team, Is it damaging to inhale for a longer period of time with ACC (acetyl-cysteine) Inject? (on the celluar level?) . In former times there was only the inhalation with the substance. Many thanks.
Another question on best care possible
I thank you very much for your answer, Dr. Eickmeier. In the meantime I came again to my mind, how one could protect the lung. It is an amiloride solution. I read somewhere about it and that one has to use it within the fist 24 hours of life. Did you ever hear about this? Otherwise we are prepared ...
Production of mucus after transplantation
I, male, 50-years-old, have undergone sucessfully a double-lung transplantation in October 2013 with the diagnosis of COPD of unclear origin. Both sweat tests that have been performed 25 years ago, had been positive, the genetic investigation of the blood on the 15 most important CF-mutations ...
Pseudomonas - inhalation with gentamycin
Hello dear expert team, Pseudomonas has been found in my samples. Therefore I am told to inhale for 3 months with gentamycin (mixture of gentamycin and NaCl solution). For this I got gentamycin solution for i.v. application. Can one indeed inhale this i.v. solution? Nothing is said about this in ...
Mucomyst® [n-acetylcysteine]
Hello, Some CF centers prescribe Mucomyst® (n-acetylcysteine), others not at all. There seems to be a reserve by some doctors about this drug still effective to thin the mucus. I want to know why. Thank you
porta neb
Hello, We changed my e-flow device for a porta neb by respironics Philips. I don't know this device so I am not very trustfull particularly for the pipe and the powered air. I'm questionning myself about the absorption of antibiotics. Can you give me some more informations? Best regards.
Disposable jetnebulizers
Hello, Our 19 year old daughter uses the PARI BOY with disposable kits for PULMOZYME, colistin and TOBI. Our service provider recommends us (on the advice of EMERA network) to stop using disposable kits and use a device that should be sterilized every day, why? In her student life, this is not ...
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