Aspergillus and cortisone
My pulmonologist put me under symbicort (budesonid + foromoterol for inhalation) because of the radiography, nothing visible. It has been 3 days since I take it but today I had the results of the expectoration exams and I see a mycosis with aspergilus fumigatus. Do I have to continue the cortisone? ...
Is Pulmozyme® an aerosol? Do we have to use the e-flow device? With disposable kits? Thank you for your help.
Sterilization of the eflow kit
Is it possible to sterilize the eflow kit with water (no calcareous) from the tub in a pan and how much minimum time is requiered to have a perfect sterilisation?
Persistent Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Dear expert team, Pseudomonas aeruginosa has been found in the samples of our daughter (6. yrs) for the first time in january this year. Inhalation with colistin followed for 4 weeks together with Ciprofloxacin orally. A new throat swab after 4 weeks had been free of PA. Shotly after this, ...
P. aerugionsa repeatedly in the nose swab
Dear expert team, I have read the very helpful contribution of Dr. Jochen G. Mainz about the question: "Pseudomonas in the nasal washing" (dated 01.07.2014). In my 10-year-old son, P.a. has been found repeatedly again and again occasionally, we have had different therapies, oral and ...
6% NaCl (MucoClear®/Hypertonic Saline)
Hello, Is it possible to overdose when inhaling 6% NaCl or can I inhale as much as I want? Sometimes I inhale 20ml of 6% NaCl per day. Best regards and thank you for answering.
Hyperinflation of the lung
Dear expert team, for month I (CF) have extreme problems with the hyperinflation of my lung (residual volume 280%), so that I am very handicapped. The hyperinflation occurs mostly in the afternoon, increases in my opinion if I inhale hypertonic NaCL, and does not disappear until I go to bed. Also ...
Really always 6% NaCl in children?
Hello, we have a 6-year-old daughter (CF) with a very mild pulmonary course. For about 3 years she inhales 3% NaCl (and 4 drops salbutamol), before this 0,9% NaCl. The center now recommends that our daughter inhales in the future with 6% NaCl (plus 5 drops of salbutamol). Is this reallly ...
Mucolytics yes or no?
Dear expert team, I have mucus in the upper airways that bubbles however cannot be coughed up well, are CF patients allowed to take mucolytics and if yes, which ones can be recommended? Many thanks
Mucoclear® (hypertonic saline)
Hello, Is RhDNase (Pulmozyme®) more efficient than hypertonic saline (Mucoclear®) ? I have observed that nebulization of hypertonic saline induced more sputum in my son. It’s really efficient for him in term of fluidity. He feels well cleared. Tolerance is excellent. Therefore the ...
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