Nebulization in an infant
Hello, I have a 7-month-old infant with CF. I would like to know if I can start hypertonic saline nebulizations to prevent the dehydratation of its mucus, of course with respect to the device disinfection rules. Do you think that it could be efficient to delay pulmonary infections?
Addendum to answer „inhalation with 3% NaCl solution“
Dear Dr. Posselt, many thanks for your inquiry and answer. With mixtures I meant mixtures between 0.9% and 3% NaCl and (!) 6 drops Berodualin®. After the diagnosis has been made we were told in the CF center that the 6 drops Berodualin® should be added directly into the 0.9% NaCl (for ...
Hypertonic saline solution
Why is hypertonic saline soultion not used prophylactically from the youngest age on, for degradation of the mucus? Apparently, it is effective for the airways of infants.
Inhalation with 3% NaCl solution
Dear expert team, at first, many thanks for your always quick and competent answers!! My daughter (23 moths, CF) has been prescribed Mucoclear® (3% NaCl) for inhalation. Before, she inhaled always with 0,9% NaCl and Berodualin® (fenoterol and ipratropiumbromide, both bronchial widening ...
No effect?
Hello, I suffer from CF and take for one week Bronchitol®. However, I do not have the impression at all, that it transports my mucus. During inhalation I cough severly, however it does not come really anything out, it is more a dry cough. I am now a bit insecure, I cough now more than before ...
Irritating cough
Hello, since a short period of time I have a strong irritating cough, so that I can hardly breathe in between! I inhale Bronchitol® as well as Tobi®! Probably one can help me further! Many thanks in advance, S.
Inhaled salmeterol/fluticasone (Seretide®)
Hello, I would know something about the intention to inhale salmeterol/fluticasone (Seretide 50®) each day, even when the child is not secreting. Thanks very much.
Tobramycin inhalation
Hello, is there any information if tobramycin inhalation during early pregnancy can be harmful for the baby? We have to inhale tobramycin twice a day with our 2-year-old CF daughter and we ask ourselves if the vapours that we share by sitting next to her could harm the unborn. Many thanks
Hello, my 11-year-old daughter daily inhales colistin aerosols delivered via an e-Flow. My MD has informed me about a dry powder form of colistin in capsules as it exists for tobramycin. I would know when the dry powder colistin will be available in France. Thanks very much for your responses.
Pseudomonas in the nasal lavage
Dear expert team, First of all many thanks for your efforts. As a partner of a CF patient I am already for a longer time silent reader of your expert advice. Now I would like to pose a question for the first time. In the nasal lavage of my wife (CF, 31 years old, FEV1 85%) Pseudomonas had been ...
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