Kreon® dosage
Dear experts, I have a 4 year and 9 months-old boy diagnosed last year in October 2012 with cystic fibrosis, after he had two sweat tests, the first with the value 98 and the second 58. The sweat test was done because the child had chronic diarrhea for about a year. As a treatment we currently ...
Headache due to Ventolin® (salbutamol)?
Hello, our 7-year-old daughter suffers for about 3 months regularly about 3 hours after the inhalation in the mornings of 3-4 puffs Ventolin® (salbutamol aerosol) and 6% NaCl from partly very strong haedache. An EEG and further investigations have been without pathological findings. Could this ...
I’ve heard (by a service provider) about a new molecule named “Cayston®” that is used to treat CF adultes againt Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This molecule would be used with a new machine that will arrive on the market (or already has?). This person could not tell me more. I turn to you in order ...
Inhalation with salbutamol
Hello, I have 2 questions on this topic... 1. How becomes the inhalation with salbutamol the most effecitve? To mix the drops with NaCl/Mucoclear® (hypertonic saline) and inhale with Pariboy or Eflow or to inhale salbutamol with the Vortex® chamber (about 20 minutes) before the inhalation of ...
Fluimucil® (acetylcystein) and / or other mucolytic drugs
Hello, For children suffering from CF, are Fluimucil® (acetylcystein) or other mucolytic drugs in form of tablets or sirup sensible as long term therapy? Can they liquefy the CF mucus or are they not effective? Many thanks!
CF and cortisone
Dear expert team, as a CF patient with severe allergic asthma (trees, grasses, fungus spores) I face the problem to be forced to reduce the cortinsone (prednisone 10 mg daily / symbicort 200® (budesonide and formoterol) 3puffs 3 times daily) that I take for 10 years, due to recurrent ...
Chronical carrier for Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hello, My 11-year-old daughter is affected by CF. After a culture of a sputum control, 2 different strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.a.) were found (P.a. has been found in an irregular way since she is 18 months old). The doctor informed me that he didn't want her to have an intravenous ...
Narrowing with colistin inhalation
Dear expert team, as a female CF patient and an asthma patient with colonization of two strains of Pseudomonas (mucoid), I inhale every second month Cayston® (aztreonam), as I only hardly tolerate the other antibiotics for inhalation. In the interval-free month I got due to a cold ciprofloxacin ...
Pulmozyme® 2 times daily more effective?
Dear expert team, my daughter (nearly 2 years old) inhales for some time once daily with Pulmozyme® (rh-DNAse) in the mornings, before this and in the evenings with hypertonic saline 3% with 7 drops salbutamol. She has an impaired ventilation of the right upper part of the lung (near the ...
Inhalation chamber
Hello, Can you give advice to us parents how to clean the inhalation chamber: frequency, product to use ... Thanks in advance.
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