My child has Pseudomonas and uses tobramycin inhalations. What is the duration of treatment?
Demineralized water and antibacterial hand gel
Once opened, how long can an antibacterial and antifungal hand gel for the preparation of aerosols for my child with cystic fibrosis be used? Do you recommend some in particular, maybe more effective in relation to the disease? How long is the deionized water useable, once opened for sterilization ...
Pulmozyme® for children under 5 years of age?
Hello, the treating physician at our CF center put the intake of Pulmozyme® (rh-DNAse) up for debate. Our son is 3.5 years old and got rather incidentally the diagnosis of CF. He has been admitted to hospital due to complaints of asthma and bad oxygen saturation after an infection and at time ...
Dear expert team, I inhale for more than one year Cayston® (Aztreonam), as the company indicated 28 days of inhalation, then 28 days pause. My physician in the CF center told me now to inhale Cayston® without pause. Are there any studies, yet, if this could probably lead to an ...
Bronchitol® and NaCl 5.85%
Dear expert team, I (26, CF, FEV1 about 65%) inhale for years a lot with NaCl 5.85% (20 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the afternoon and 30 minutes in the evening) as I can cough up my suptum very well with this and I breathe easier after this. For a few months, I inhale after that in the ...
Inhalation in case of resistant Pseudmonas
My son is 33 years old, mutation genotype deltaF508 and R553x. He has inhaled colistin for decades and now his Pseudomonas germs are resistant. Furthermore I ask myself if it is not possible however, that in case of such a long exposure colistin passes minmally the blood-brain barrier as he ...
Use Nasonex® in Pari Sinus?
I had a surgery due to many nasal polyps (adenoids) and am now using Nasonex® (nasal steroid spray), nasal douche and Pari Sinus as recurrence prevention. Can I inhale Nasonex® with the Pari Sinus? Many thanks and best regards, I. J.
Always pseudomonas after visiting swimming pool – does colistin help prophylactically?
Hello, Our daughter (12 years, CF) was three times in an open air pool in her life and each time she had pseudomonas afterwards. It was always possible to eradicate it and she never had pseudomonas again. As a matter of course she would like to go to the swimming pool but until now we have ...
Hello, I would like to ask you how many types of Colistin do exist? Can we mix 1ml powder I.U. with 10 ml saline solution for nebulization? Can one use 5 ml twice daily on a 6-year-old girl for sinusitis? Thank you.
Hello, we have started Pulmozyme® (rh-DNAse) a few months ago for our child. For me it was an unnecessary treatment because of my child's excellent health status (no secretion and very few antibiotics). I relalize that his condition has deteriorated since. New bacteria have appeared. I have some ...
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