The drug Bretaris Genuair® is given in case of the illness "COPD". Has anybody experience if it is also suitable for CF?
Nebulizing time, devices
Dear expert team, Having received a bad MRI result we have to increase the therapy effort of our 22-month-old daughter. That means: In the morning and in the evening 4ml 6% HTS (hypertonic saline) and at noon 2,5ml Pulmozyme® (Dornase alpha). Currently, we are using the device “Pari Boy ...
Sterilizing device
My cystic fibrosis son needs to change his sterilizing device because it’s broken (we use it for sterilizing his two e-Flow kits). The old sterilizing device was too bulky for so few parts. Do you know if small sterilizing devices are commercialized (not for microwaves)?
Achromobacter xylosoxidans
Dear expert team, are there any new insights on this germ or on the treatment possibilities or is it still Cayston® (aztreonam) that is used in the treatment of this germ? Why is however then this germ not mentioned in the description of the drug, but only Pseudmonas? At what time would you ...
Inhalation of sodium bicarbonate
Dear expert team, I would like to know in which cases it is recommended in CF to inhale NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate), how this is done (amount/frequency/dosage/kg or age) and if this inhalation is done in addition to the inhalation with NaCl-solution or instead of it (i.e. in addition with ...
Bronchitol® benefit
Bronchitol® is proposed to CF patients. Is the treatment added to inhaled hypertonic saline serum/ inhalation with salbutamole or does it subsitue the treatment? What about differences between lipromatase and CREON®?
CF and RhDNase
Hello, I have previously read the question and the response on this topic (November 2010, Pr JC Dubus). I am the grandfather of a 6 years and 10 months old CF girl followed-up in a CF centre. Whereas everything was OK and the lungs were clean on the chest X-ray, she started a RhDNase treatment on ...
Henoch-Schoenlein purpura as reaction to Pulmozyme®?
Dear experts, our daughter, 9 years old, is in a good general condition. However, she just had a common cold. Her immune system reacted normally, the fever disappeared after one day, then for 2 days increased temperature. She also had a strong cough in the upper area, no bronchitis, the lungs were ...
antibiotic treatment
My CF child has already had 5 Port-A-Caths (PAC), 4 of them were removed because of infectious problems. The last one was really the last one because all his vascular network was totally sclerosed. Unfortunately, this PAC has been moved accidently by his school teacher and it was also removed. ...
Administration of Bronchitol®
Hello, I tried Bronchitol® (active substance: mannitol) and I am rather content. However, the daily inhalation is very exhausting and time-consuming, as I have to vomit frequently at this due to the disgusting taste. This has not gotten better even after several weeks of usage. I asked in the ...
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