Pulmozyme® Abdominal Pain
When my daughter does her breathing treatment with Pulmozyme® (active agent rhDNAse) she gets bad stomach pain. She doubles over in pain and it is hard to watch. When the Pulmozyme® is done it goes away. This happens every day, and I am just at a loss. She is crying and miserable. We use a ...
We live in Canada and we will spend a holiday in Nice [France], and we need to rent a nebulizer and a compression machine (this is the name given in Canada). Do you know where and how we can rent this equipment?
Tolerability of Cayston®
Hello, I have CF and asthma and therefore I inhale Cayston® (Aztreonam lysine) every second month (intolerability of Tobi® (Tobramycin inhalation solution) and Colistin)). I tolerate Cayston® better but only if I dissolve it with 0.9% NaCl and not with 0.17% sodium chloride solution enclosed ...
Hello, I would like to know if Bronchitol® (Mannitol) is finally available in France and if the study for children older than 6 years has given positive results. Thank you
Eradication of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection
My daughter cultured Pa at the last clinic visit. She was symptom free. The doctor prescribed 28 days of inhaled Antibiotic, and I asked to add an oral antipseudomonal, but she would not. Finished the 28 day cycle, and a week later my daughter has a raging lung infection and now pneumonia. I ...
Mucolytics - do they make sense for infants?
Hello, We have a 4-year-old daughter with CF. For 3.5 years she gets 2 x 2,5 ml ACC (Acetylcysteine) daily (if there is more mucus a bit more). We are asking ourselves if it really makes sense to administer ACC on a daily basis. Our general practicioner said once that it would be good to ...
Aerosols, when, why
Hello, What motivates the prescription of aerosols? Age (e.g. from 3 years)? Are they prescribed as a preventive or curative treatment? Or both? Thank you for your answer.
Sinus pulsating aerosolsystem
Are there clinical studies about using the pari-sinus with CF with principally sinusitis problems? Is there somebody with experience with the pari-sinus?
Bicarbonate preparation for inhalation
Dear expert team, Is there a ready-to-use preparation for inhalation with bicarbonate on the market? [The question was originally asked on the German platform of the expert advice] I would like to inhale it with a jet nebuliser. If there is no such preparation on the market can I just add a ...
Hoarseness with Pulmozyme® (rhDNAse)- what to do?
Dear expert team, For 2 days I inhale one time daily with Pulmozyme® (rhDNAse). From today on, a strong hoarseness has begun. If it should continue to such an extent, I will be forced to discontinue Pulmozyme®, as in my case the voice is all alone important for my profession. Pulmozyme® ...
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