Inhalation of Gentamicin in patients with stop mutation
Many thanks for answering my question. However I expressed myself probably unclearly: I had read that gentamicin, appart from its antibacterial effect, has a potency to treat CF patients with stop mutations, like the one of my son (deltaF508/R553X). So my question is, whether it could make sense ...
CF at the age of 58 years and with 100kg
When I was 16 I have been diagnosed with CF after a sweat test in a specialized hospital for lung diseases in Bremen. My brother died of this disease at the age of 38 years. As I have been in an extraordinary good condition until 2 years ago, I did not bother about this disease. At the end of the ...
Gene mutation of delta F 508/2789+5G-A, Work in a pigsty
Dear expert team, I am 37 years old, male and I am suffering of a very mild variant of CF. I have the mutations F 508 and 2789+5G-A. My brother died as a child because of CF. Can you give me some information about my mutations? Is it possible that my health condition will worsen sometime? Now I ...
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