a stuffy nose
I have a boy of about 2 years, diagnosed at 3 months with cystic fibrosis. In his culture he has staphylococcus aureus, from December he has stuffy nose for about 2 months. He had treatment, he does not cough, but especially at night has a stuffy nose and breathe on mouth.I noticed that he ...
Hello, I have a one year old daughter. I want to ask if it is suitable to purchase nose shower Rhinoclear now or for the future ( Thanks
Upper airways
Dear expert team, our daughter (4.5 years, CF) has mainly problems with the upper airways. Last december, the adenoids have been operated. When she has a rhinitis, this lasts for weeks (in spite of Cefuroxim TS, a herbal expectorant and nose shower). What else can we do to make it easier for her? ...
Sudden shortness of breath
I have cystic fibrosis and have difficulties in adapting from cold to warm and from warm to cold temperatures. When I leave or enter a building I get really short of breath and start coughing in particular if I need to walk a bit. Especially during the winter (with temperature changes of 20 ...
acute sinusitis
Is sulfperazon a treatment for acute sinusitis?
cystic fibrosis and arthritis
My daughter of 21 years old has problems with arthritis. I have read there are a number of problems with joints associated with cystic fibrosis, what is the problems?why it hapens? she takes ibuprofen and gets better, what do you thing about it? Thanks
Yesterday my 7 year old son had the annual check at the CF Centre. ERS, ultrasound was normal. We still waiting for culture result and some biological sample. We also met an ENT specialist who told us that the hearing test (audiogram) is pathological because of fluid accumulation in the middle ear ...
Hello. I'm 44 years old. Since June, 2007 I have had long-term swelling throughout my body, concentrated in the face and evenly in the area from the knees to the groin. A comprehensive examination was unable to come up with a diagnosis. The biclonal IgG kappa gammopathy was set at 2.5+0.8g/l, ...
ABPA and greenwood forest
I would like to ask about a relationship between ABPA and a walking in the greenwood during autumn time. I’ve had CF and last years I‘ve acquired also ABPA treated by prednisolon and anti IgE medication (Xolair). Sometimes when I am walking in the greenwood forest I wake up for dry cough. Is ...
At about 11 years, my daughter developed a mild form of arthritis in her knee for the first time, which was ignored by doctors initially. It became more and more severe over time, and by now it is particularly bad and occurs in all joints after each i.v. therapy. When she took strong pain killers, ...
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