Sinus Problems
I am 19 and have had many sinus surgeries...each time I get sick is due to the post-nasal drip into my lungs causing them to get inflamed and irritated. For the past couple years my sinuses have started bleeding, mostly at night to the point where I will wake up choking on the heavy drainage it ...
I am from Kosovo.I have a daughter with CF 5 months old. She was born with MI (mekonium ileus) and had her first surgery at two days old,and had ileostoma. Second surgery was done after 4 months but there where some complications so she was operated two more times,So she had three surgeries ...
Is there a link between CF and problems with articulation?
CF and kidney disease
I would like to know what is known about kidney disease and CF. My daughter of 37 has CF and recently started on dialysis as well. She has a mild form of diabetes, injects 4IU per meal but has serious diabetic complaints. At first it was a mystery; she has been unexplainable very ill.  ...
joint problems
My 13 year old daughter has CF and since 3 years now can’t stretch her fingers. Her joints are swollen and she has difficulty stretching her arms. Apart from not being able to stretch the fingers they function well. She has been free of severe lung infection for the last few years, but takes ...
nasal polyps
What about nose polyps and CF?? My 8 year old son has nasal polyps. He had surgery 3 times but these polyps grow back every time
Hi, I am 25 years old and have very severe asthma which is but difficult to be hold at bay with all drugs available (Symbicort, Singulair, Decortin 7,5mg, Sultanol forte for Pari boy...) I permanently have infections and I had three bouts of pneumonia within a bit more of one year. Now an ...
I am 32 years old and suffering since my first year of life of an asthma. Now we would like to have a baby, but I have some concerns and want to have it made clear for myself first, as it is me who have to carry the child to full term. For the last 25 years I am taking the following drugs: ...
I am 32 years old now and I know that my husband would like to have a baby. Of course me, too! But I am a bit more sceptical and I am afraid that I am going to do harm to the baby during pregnancy as I am taking drugs since my fifth year of life: 8 mg prednisone 500 mg theophylline L-Thyroxin ...
Arthritis and CF - how to treat
I am a near 40 year old female with CF. The last 15 years I have suffered form arthritis, and the last 6 years it seems to have exploded. All of my fingers are now affected, and I have had several surgeries to remove destructions and to permanently stabilize joints, thus leaving my fingers stiff. ...
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