CF and cortisone
Dear expert team, as a CF patient with severe allergic asthma (trees, grasses, fungus spores) I face the problem to be forced to reduce the cortinsone (prednisone 10 mg daily / symbicort 200® (budesonide and formoterol) 3puffs 3 times daily) that I take for 10 years, due to recurrent ...
Renal insufficiency stadium II
Partly increased creatinin values in the blood (85/94/96/100), measurement of the glomerular filtration rate according to the MDRD formula (67ml/min/body surface on the 9th december 2013, on the 24th february 2014 - 62.7) at a control done by the general practitioner. These values fluctuate and ...
Flight travel and blocked nose
Dear experts, we are flying to Florida (9 hours) with our daughter (10 years old). She has a blocked nose for a longer time, that is treated with the PariSinus® device and nasal shower and nasal cortinsone. She always has great pain during landing. Can one do even more? Is such a long air ...
Stiching in the knee
Hello, I am 39 years old and have CF/diabetes, I would like to know what it is about concerning stiching knee pain and an infection of the lung. Is there any correlation there? I observe this for some years now. I only know that there are some CF patients who suffer from arthritis or ...
Inflammation of the salivary glands?
Hello, My son (7 years old) suffers from CF and has an inflammation of the salivary gland for 4 weeks, he has been given antibiotics and it did not help. We have been to the ENT doctor and he said that this would rather be a typical finding in CF.????? An ultrasound has been done, however there ...
4th operation of the sinuses?
I face the question to have our son be operated at the sinuses for the 4th time. [Remark of the translator: I left out the name of a German hospital that was considered for the operation]
Strong cough at night
Hello, I have a 6-year-old daughter with CF and she is coughing for nearly 2 months, at day time less and at night time very much. What can I do for relief? She is taking antibiotics for the whole year with only few pauses, thus steadily. From the cough blocker noscapin she gets stomach ache. ...
Blood pressure and heart rate in children with cystic fibrosis
Hello Can cystic fibrosis cause problems of blood pressure and / or elevated heart rate in CF adolescents (110 beats / min, he is 14 years old)? Are the two related? If so, would there be a link between cause and effect? Early infection or something else? Thank you very much in advance for your ...
Role of CFTR protein
Hello, Can you explain in great details the mechanisms of antimicrobial immune defense in CF and the role of CFTR in these mechanisms. Thank you for your answers
Nasal polyps, complete occlusion - 12-year-old son
My newly diagnosed 12-year-old son, 2 positive sweat tests, complete occlusion of the right and left nose, should undergo an operation. Who has experience in this field, how are the chances for his cure (risk of relapse?) respecitvely which kind of therapies, food supplements etc. are there for ...
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