Link between CF and Sjögren disease?
Is there a link between CF and Sjögren disease?
Throat, nose and adenoids
Is it important that a toddler with CF should have his tonsils and adenoids removed? The only complaint is noisy breathing during the day and snoring at night time. I read that the tonsils are important to prevent bacterial infections. Should the tonsils and adenoids in children with CF be removed ...
Troubles in the nasal area
Dear expert team, Our 3-year-old daughter has had strong infections of the upper and lower airways from October 2011 (when child care started) until January 2012. All infections were treated with antibiotics. At the beginning of December 2011 (permanent) grommets were inserted. We were told that ...
Nasal polyps
Dear expert team, Our daughter - 3.5 years old- has been diagnosed with CF in december last year. Her main problem are nasal polyps. These have been operated in december last year (removal of a massive endonasal polyposis, preparation of a large window in the maxillary sinus with the middle nasal ...
Biphosphonate therapy
Dear Sir or Madam, What does a biphosphonate therapy as a treatment for osteoporosis involve? How is this therapy performed and what are the side effects? I read that biphosponates are also used in persons with cerebral tumours… it seems to me that it is a very strong drug. Is such a therapy ...
Urolithiasis: how to do to avoid it?
A great thank you, Dr Danner for your answer on urolithiasis. I forgot a question in my precedent message. What about precaution to prevent urolithiasis apparition (diet, way of life, medicine…). What are the recommendation you advise to delay/avoid lithiasis. Thank you.
Does Cystic fibrosis predispose to the urolithiasis occurrence ? Do patients with cystic fibrosis present urolithiasis more frequently than another people? If yes, what is the explanation?
cystic fibrosis and magnesium
Hello, I am the mother of a son, 15, who has cystic fibrosis. In recent months, he has been supplemented with magnesium and vitamin B6 because tests showed a deficiency (genetic?) in the transport of Mg to the cell. A pediatrician specializing in treating children with pervasive developmental ...
Connection between joint pain and menstruation?
Dear expert team, for half a year I suffer increasingly from spasmodic joint pain. I first assumed a time-connection to the intake of certain drugs, now however, I stated that those batches are especially severe at the first days of my menstruation. As I have read in the meantime, the ...
Staphylococcal infection we are treating is chronic?
Thank you for a very useful Q&A! My seven-year-old complains with knee and leg pain and that she suddenly feels she cannot walk. She has CF. We do not listen to carefully, but then, I found this on the web ( CF-arthropathy 2) Episodic (acute) arthritis Hereby it deals in ...
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