Dear expert team, how can a CF-arthropathy be diagnosed in children? My daughter is 9 years old with CF and suffers a lot under joint pain, needs a rehabilitation buggy in case of long distances. Many thanks
nasal polyps
To avoid the recurrence of nasal polyps a treatment with dornase alpha has been proposed to my 12 years old son who has been surgically treated for polyps 6 years ago. His pulmonary status doesn’t need the use of dornase aerosol. Thanks to tell me what is the interest of such a treatment on ...
CA 125 and cystic fibrosis
Hello I wonder if CA 125 is necessarily higher when you have cystic fibrosis, due to the very thick cervical mucus. The rate of my CA 125 is currently 75. Thank you in advance for your reply.
Hello, I am suffering from cystic fibrosis (48 years) and for a few days I have had pain in the sacroiliac joint. I take anti inflammatory drugs but pain is soothed only for a while. Can you explain what I can do? Thank you for your reply.
joint pain
Dear team, My joint pain started years ago. Taking ibuprofen the pain usually disappeared after 1-3 days. This time the joint pain has been around for weeks with short interruptions only. In between it became so bad that I could hardly move, additionally, I had a fever. Due to the joint pain and ...
Sleep disorders
In young CF children (2-3 yrs old), is there more sleep disorders secondary to gastrointestinal troubles?
Hello, My daughter with cystic fibrosis (26 years old) has pain in all joints, she suffers a lot. The doctor of the CF centre gives her ibuprofen, but it does not relieve her a lot. Can you tell me if there is anything else to do? Thank you for your reply.
Health problems
Hello, My daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in january at the age of 8 years. My problem is that she complains of headaches, sleep disturbances and belly ache every evening and the pulmonologist tells me that it has nothing to do with CF. I am worried; can these problems be related to ...
Xolair (Omalizumab)
My daughter, who is 43 years old and has cystic fibrosis with severe allergy has been proposed a treatment by Xolair. Can you tell me more about it? Thank you.
Hello. I have a child with CF and my doctor recommended treatment with Flixotide. I have given two ampoules / day for 5 days but as I did not understand well, I am not sure if this was right. Then I read the prospectus and I am afraid of adverse effects on children.
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