Odd behavior of girlfriend with CF
Friendly Greetings, My girlfriend is from the USA, I am myself from The Netherlands. My girlfriend claims she has a heavy form of CF and won't make the age of 26 (currently 24 years old). Also she claims with this she needs to go to the hospital all the time and even gets hospitalized for most ...
Private life
Is it possible to have several intercourses per day, what is the best time, and should we avoid certain positions?
Dear experts, our son suffers from CF, a benign course, is of normal height and weight. Since he has been 14 years old, he slighted his therapy more and more, in the meantime he is 21 years old and is fortunately still quite fit, FEV1 about 80%, in spite of zero therapy and zero sports. Even so ...
CF have sex/kiss
If I kiss or have sex with a CF patient is this dangerous for her or my health? Can any of the 2 of us get disease from it?
Risk of infection when participating in social life
How high is the risk of infection for CF patients in different social activities, e.g. cinema, concerts, public transport? Should one generally advise all those who are affected to avoid large gatherings? How high is the risk compared to patients with other diseases (HIV, immunosuppressive therapy ...
Moving out
Hello, we have a question. Our son is 31 years old, of excellent health and has now decided to buy an apartment. We are a bit concerned now whether he will continue to be as healthy when living alone and whether he will be able to work long-term. We know that this is a difficult issue. Many ...
Relationship between persons with CF
Hello, I am a male patient with CF. I am 20 years old and me and another CF patient [female] like each other as friends for a very long time because we understand each other very well having the same disease. I would like to know what has to be done in a relationship with another CF patient ...
My 20-year-old daughter has been in and out of hospital this past year, due to infections. She is getting more and more depressed and has no energy or wish to do anything outside the house. Can you give me advice on how to help her?
Carreer perspective
Is it possible for a CF-patient to work, and how does a career for such a person looks like?
Social contacts
What is the impact of CF on social contacts (social functioning)?
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