construction of house / fireplace ?
Hello, We are parents of a CF little girl of 10 months and we are building our house. As part of the disease, we wonder if there are precautions to observe that could allow her to live in an environment as healthy as possible, and also make our lives easier in terms of hygiene at home. - A ...
I would wet my interior to maintain a proper Hydrometric rate and of course do not use standing water. What do you recommend? a dad
air conditioner condensate drain
Hello, we are planning to install air conditioning in our apartment (recommended in case of high temperatures because we live in Corsica). The installer offers us to evacuate the condensate of the 5 devices in the bowl of our toilet ... Is there a risk of bacterial contamination (including ...
Train ride to Austria
Dear expert team, I am planning to go to Austria on vacation by high-speed train shortly and am worried that I might not tolerate the air conditioning on the train. Is there any danger concerning the temperature regulation on the train for me as a CF patient? (Ca. 6 hours on the train.) You ...
cystic fibrosis and the use of air freshener
Is it safe to use an air freshener (in this case fabreezeĀ®plugin) around the home
Travelling with CF
Dear expert team, We would like to fly to Israel over Easter. Is the air conditioning in low-budget carriers such as Easyjet dangerous for my 11-year-old daughter? Many thanks for the answer.
Air conditioning and CF
When I start using the air conditiong at home my child has an exarcebation of pseudomonas? Is it a random coincidence? What other factor may play a role? The technician disinfected the unit. How can I avoid pseudomonas in general?
Aircleaners or homeventilation
Hi I have been searching the internet to get info about aircleaning/air purifiers and the positive effect it might have on cf. In the us i can can se many who uses this. It is a machine with a filter(hepa) it is not a humidifier. here is the link for one ...
Car air Conditioning
Hello, Is air conditioning in cars harmful for CF patients ? Are there precautions to take or is it better not to use it? Thank you for your advice.
I want to know if we can use a diffuser to refresh our son (cystic fibrosis) when it is hot? Thank you for your reply