air conditioning
Is air conditioning in airplane dangerous for my 5 months old cystic fibrosis daugther ?
air conditioning
Hello, We plan to move in an apartment that can be hot in summer. My 2 year old daughter has CF and I'm afraid she might suffer from heat and dehydration. We thought to install air conditioning but we recognize the risks of these facilities. Do you have a position regarding air conditioning at ...
Building a house
Dear ladies and gentlemen, we have a 3-year-old son with CF. We are planning to start building a house in the course of the next year. There is the possibility, to equip the house with a controlled living-room ventilation with regaining of heat. Hereby, used air is permanently sucked out of the ...
Air conditioning
Dear Expert team, what is the recommendation for air conditioning? Are there differences between air conditioning in cars and for instance in hospitals? Can we use air conditioning in our car without any preoccupations? Many thanks
Humidity in the bathroom
Dear expert team, we are currently looking for a rented apartment and have realized that only very few of those offered come with a window in the bathroom/toilet. Since our 12-year-old son has chronic PSA, this has been a knock-out criterion for us up to now (the possibility to air the bathroom ...
Steam cleaner and water vacuum cleaner
Hello, is a steam cleaner or water vacuum cleaner dangerous for CF patients? Or can these devices be used without any problems in the household?
Keyword ventilating system
Concerning ventilating systems there have been already several answers, which deal however, from my point of view, with a so-called central device. We run a decentral ventilating system, that means the supply air comes directly form the outside, the warmth is taken out of the used air and is ...
Air-source heat pump
Is it sensible with a CF diagnosis to install an air-source heat pump with controlled living space ventilation? Many thanks for your prompt answer!
Hello, I would like to know if ionisors are good or bad for cystic fibrosis patients? Thank you in advance. H.
Salin Plus
Hello, did you ever hear anything about SALIN plus? Are there any experience reports about that? Here is the link: A friend has drawn my attention to it and I would like to know if something like that makes sense or is nonsense. To me it sounds as if that would be a ...