Organoid usage in Switzerland
I want to know if it is possible in Switzerland to test new substances/drugs mutation-specifically with organoids (mini-gut of stem cells)! According to Hans Clevers biotechnology Hubrecht institute with that substances can be tested for seldom mutations. I mean study substances for CF ...
Crispr Cas 9
Hello, unfortunately our two daughters (7 years and 7 months) suffer from CF. We are in very good care and both girls are fit and stable. Some days ago my physician wanted to know something about the health status of our girls. He mentioned also Crispr Cas and was interested in how far the ...
Research on animals
Hello Are animals used in the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis? Best regards
ISET method
Hello I have already read, with attention, the last answer regarding the subject [], but I want to know if there a place in France where this test can be performed? Otherwise, do you ...
Hello Following a discussion with Dr Ravilly (ex-Head of medical department, Vaincre la mucoviscidose) regarding magnesium (Mg) in CF, I would like to have an answer from her successor or from the head of research department. My concern is the transport of Mg in the cell (and not only the level ...