Delay for removal of polyps
I have 3-4 time a year sinusitis. My ENT specialist recommended to have the nasal polyps removed but he mentioned, that they will come back and therefore I should wait with the operation as long as possible. Right now, I am treated with steroid-containing nasal spray and if needed antibiotics for ...
Loss of taste / smell
Dear team, I have lost my taste and smell for 10 months now. I am an adult with CF, have polypes, have been operated twice on those polypes and it should not be done another time; because in the MRI it was not looking that bad. You have already answered me in October 2016, and I did everything ...
Tonsilectomy versus longterm antibiotic therapy
Dear expert team, our daughter, 8 years, CF, suffers for one year from repeated infections with streptococci. She is 118cm heigh and weighs 18,4 kg. Each infection is accompanied by high fever and reduced health status. Due to the pain in the throat, she deteriorates quickly and does not drink ...
Snoring nose
Hello I am the mother of a 2- months-old child, very worried; He has a persistent and severe pneumopathy at 1 month (following a rhinitis). His neonatal test is negative. He is followed by a pneumopaediatrician who had prescribed him a entoline and singulair and pulmicort treatment in the long ...
Physiological serum
Hello, If physiological serum (0,9% NaCl) is used in a 500 ml flask for sinus washing, how long can it be conserved? How much per side is to use for a wash? Thank you
White secretions
Hello My 20-month-old baby has an inflammation of the nasal mucosa since December. His nose secretions only flow in his throat and do not come through his nose. On the advice of my pharmacist, I gave him a cure with "actisulfur"and the mucus came out white, whereas when I washed his nose ...
Hello, I asked a question recently about the posterior rhinorea and I had as a response that the nasal discharge was rare in CF patients. But why do CF children repeat nasal rhinopharyngitis (with posterior nasal discharge) if rhinorrhea is rare? Can only ENT involvement be a moderate form? A ...
Posterior rhinorrhea
Hello I have heard that in CF the posterior rhinorrhea is frequent. Why is it posterior and not flowing through the nose? Are the secretions purulent or on the contrary clear? What are the symptoms for a baby? Cordially
Operation indication for hypertrophic adenoids
Dear expert team, my daughter is 21 months old and suffers from CF. For a few weeks she has an impaired breathing through the nose and because of this especially at night after the bottle cough attacks until she has to vomit. Therefore, she had last week a flexible endoscopy at the ENT ...
Taste / Smell gone
Dear team, for several months, my sense for smell and taste has nearly totally completely gone. I have polypes, however nor very many, I have been operated twice and in so far all sinuses are widened. Antibiotics inhalative and orally, Vitamin B1, cortisone nasal spray, bromelain are not ...
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