Treatment of the sinuses
Dear expert team, I have a question about the treatment of Pseudomonas in the sinuses. Due to an intermittend Pseudomonas infection of the airways, my CF center suspected, that Pseudomonas could also be in the sinuses and should be also treated there, even if the finding of Pseudomonas in the ...
Salt for nose cleaning
Hello, I'm 35 and I have cystic fibrosis. I have been cleaning my nose for 8 months with the rhino horn device. This allows nose cleaning with a very large amount of water and I find it very effective. Besides, I have less infection than before. To make it simple, I use warm tap water and table ...
blurry sinuses
Is it possible to have a negative CFTR sequence and totally negative sweat test (27 mmol/l). I am a 39 year old male. I have chronic sinusits for the last 4 years, especially during winter, spring and autumn. My vitamin D is rather low (26.8).
Paranasal sinuses
Hello, When a child with cystic fibrosis has a “blocked nose” for 2 weeks, and the secretion is just liquefied through inhalation with MucoClear®; should one then begin with an antibiotic treatment in order to prevent a bacterial infection of the paranasal sinuses? Is this also true if there ...
P. aerugionsa repeatedly in the nose swab
Dear expert team, I have read the very helpful contribution of Dr. Jochen G. Mainz about the question: "Pseudomonas in the nasal washing" (dated 01.07.2014). In my 10-year-old son, P.a. has been found repeatedly again and again occasionally, we have had different therapies, oral and ...
F508del/Normal Genotype and ENT symptoms
Hello, as I am heterozygous F508del / normal and had a sweat test of 59 in 2004 I was told that I am not sick but I have a treatment for nose and Eustachian tube problems that no longer works and causes a cholesteatoma. I am looking for a clear diagnosis. I live in the Var. Who to see?
Mucolytics yes or no?
Dear expert team, I have mucus in the upper airways that bubbles however cannot be coughed up well, are CF patients allowed to take mucolytics and if yes, which ones can be recommended? Many thanks
nose rinsing
Dear expert team, After hearing different opinions I wanted also to ask my question here. Is it necessary to boil the water that you use for rinsing your nose? Until today I used lukewarm tap water. Kind regards
nasal polyposis
My 15-year-old son presents a worsening of his polyposis. He's treated by rh-DNAse via mask for his chronic sinusitis, tobramycin inhalation and colimycine inhalation in alternation one every 2 months because of a chronic colonization of Pseudomonas and azithromycin and nasal cortisone ...
Grommets (tympanic tubes) in case of CF
Hello Dr. Mainz, 3 months ago, grommets have been placed in both ears of our son, as he had an impairment of hearing. As one of those grommets got out of place now, another one should be placed in 2 weeks. We read your answer that tympanic tubes are not favorable in case of CF. What should we do ...
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