Grommets (tympanic tubes) yes or no?
Hello, Our 4-year-old daughter suffers from CF! She has an impairment of hearing caused by mucus behind the ear (probably due to a precedent otitis media)! At first, we were told to wait and have a control after 3 months, if the finding will not improve: grommets…. Now we have 2 opinions, ...
Flight travel and blocked nose
Dear experts, we are flying to Florida (9 hours) with our daughter (10 years old). She has a blocked nose for a longer time, that is treated with the PariSinus® device and nasal shower and nasal cortinsone. She always has great pain during landing. Can one do even more? Is such a long air ...
4th operation of the sinuses?
I face the question to have our son be operated at the sinuses for the 4th time. [Remark of the translator: I left out the name of a German hospital that was considered for the operation]
Nasal polyps, complete occlusion - 12-year-old son
My newly diagnosed 12-year-old son, 2 positive sweat tests, complete occlusion of the right and left nose, should undergo an operation. Who has experience in this field, how are the chances for his cure (risk of relapse?) respecitvely which kind of therapies, food supplements etc. are there for ...
Sleep apnea?
For a long time (several years) I "buzz" when I fall asleep or while I am sleeping. It deals with a kind of groaning noise, when I am woken up I often remember to have just had some talks in my dreams. Until now I thought this was due to the lively dreaming, however I have come across the sleep ...
Nasal spray
Hello, I had asked a question to you about the nasal spray sometimes ago, but my question was not good. I wanted to know how long the spray can be open before there is a risk of finding Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the spray. You said “2 months”. Do you think that the spray could not be used after ...
Nasal spray
Hello, I would know how many time a nasal spray may be used after the first use. Thanks for your response.
Use Nasonex® in Pari Sinus?
I had a surgery due to many nasal polyps (adenoids) and am now using Nasonex® (nasal steroid spray), nasal douche and Pari Sinus as recurrence prevention. Can I inhale Nasonex® with the Pari Sinus? Many thanks and best regards, I. J.
voice and CF
Hello I am a student in audio phonology, and I make a presentation on cystic fibrosis, and the impact of this disease on patients' vocal cords, could you tell me if there are few references in the field ? Thank you!
Sinus pulsating aerosolsystem
Are there clinical studies about using the pari-sinus with CF with principally sinusitis problems? Is there somebody with experience with the pari-sinus?
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