Follow-up question on nasal irrigation
Hello, I understand the problem of tap water potentially being contaminated with bacteria. What do you think about the following alternatives to boiling water: 1) distilled water 2) non-carbonated bottled water Can I use these two alternatives instead of tap water for nasal irrigation or ...
nasal washing
Hello, We were advised to wash the nose of our 4 month old CF child every day even if he is not congested. What do you think? Could it cause irritation? Thank you
Voice hoarseness
My child is 3 years old and suffers from CF. For a long time there is a hoarseness in his voice. Does it have anything to do with CF? I blame it on the Airway clearance therapy, or to the fact that he screams a lot. I would like your opinion.
Nasal irrigation
Do CF patients still have to use sterile salt water for nasal irrigation? After all, if we boil water for this, it has to cool down for at least 20 minutes; but during this time germs will form again!?!
Tonsils and adenoids
Dear doctor, Should the tonsils and adenoids be removed in a child with CF? Is there an increased risk of complications or loss of immunity? We would like your opinion on the need to remove or not remove tonsils and adenoids in a child with CF with little nose throat complaints.
Throat, nose and adenoids
Is it important that a toddler with CF should have his tonsils and adenoids removed? The only complaint is noisy breathing during the day and snoring at night time. I read that the tonsils are important to prevent bacterial infections. Should the tonsils and adenoids in children with CF be removed ...
Troubles in the nasal area
Dear expert team, Our 3-year-old daughter has had strong infections of the upper and lower airways from October 2011 (when child care started) until January 2012. All infections were treated with antibiotics. At the beginning of December 2011 (permanent) grommets were inserted. We were told that ...
Nasal polyps
Dear expert team, Our daughter - 3.5 years old- has been diagnosed with CF in december last year. Her main problem are nasal polyps. These have been operated in december last year (removal of a massive endonasal polyposis, preparation of a large window in the maxillary sinus with the middle nasal ...
nasal polyps
To avoid the recurrence of nasal polyps a treatment with dornase alpha has been proposed to my 12 years old son who has been surgically treated for polyps 6 years ago. His pulmonary status doesn’t need the use of dornase aerosol. Thanks to tell me what is the interest of such a treatment on ...
Nasal polyps
Our child (9 years old) has nasal polyps in the right side of the nose. According to the opinion of the ENT-doctor, only in the ethmoidal sinus. The left side is free. For about half a year we are taking a cortisone containing nose spray without achieving a change of the polyps. Now an MRI is going ...
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