CF and tracheamalacia
Do people with CF have an increased risk of tracheamalacia ? Is the treatment the same ? Is there a link between CF and tracheamalacia ? Is it a disadvantage to have CF and tracheamalacia ?
Correlation between MRSA and sinusitis
Hello, Since October I have a colonization of the lungs with MRSA. In the meantime the sputum results without antbiotic therapy or intervention from my side were negative from time to time. In the nose however, I have always very much green mucous and barks. Is it possible that I recolonize ...
Formation of crusts and barks in the nose
Hello, I am colonized with MRSA and have the above titled problem since 8 years. Nasal showers do only relieve the symptoms. Could the inhalation with the Pari Sinus bring relieve and is it paid by the insurance? Many thanks
Way of action nasal spray
Hello, In the internet pharmacy there are 2 different sprays: one with the substances dexpanthenol 10mg, sea water 250mg/ml and one with the substances natriumchloride-solution, isotonic 1ml/1ml. What is the difference between those 2 in their way of action and can both be used for a longer ...
Question concerning hygiene with nasal spray
Hello, via the search function I have just got the information, that it would be the best to buy products such as nasal sprays in the pharmacy. I use nasal shower and recently bought a sole sea water nasal spray in the drugstore. In the package leaflet it was written, that the spray should ...
Nasal douche
Dear expert team! Our son (7) has a nasal polyp on one side. Currently, it is treated conservatively… our CF doctor supports regular nasal douches. Our ENT physician is against it since he thinks that the mucus might be mixed with bacteria and then might run to other areas. Which are the ...
Hello, I have CF and problems with the sinuses for one year. When would surgery be advisable or urgent and how does such an operation proceed, especially which risks could occur? Regards,
Nasal shower after all rather harmful?
Hello, as I have again and again problems with the sinuses it would interest me, if nasal shower in CF is going on to be recommended? My general practitioner said to me that more actual studies have shown a rather negative effect, as via a nasal shower supposedly germs are flushed increasingly ...
supplement to previous question concerning choanal polyps in a child
I am sorry, that I write in a such interrupted way, but I am still searching, doing tests and completing information... I performed in my 10-year-old-son x-ray of the sinuses and it revealed, that the right sinus is shadowed. For the fourth time the polyp is diagnosed, probably a choanal one. ...
polyps in a 10-year-old child
My 10-year-old son more than two years ago underwent for the first time polipectomy (choanal polyp in a right nasal cavity). Since that time he underwent polipectomy twice and right now his nose is blocked again, so I expect more polyps. He is constantly supervised by laryngologist, but I do worry ...
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