Vertex and F508del and 1717-1GA in exon 11
Hello, I have got the F508del and 1717-1GA in exon 11. Do you know about the clinical trials for my mutation, is there any trail in progress? Best regards
Existing remedy
I heard that homeopathy "cad Crataegus" works pretty well: do you know something about that? Thank you.
Artilysin® by the company Lysando AG
Dear ladies and gentlemen, are the published results from the company Lysando AG indeed as promising concerning the eradication of resistant germs with the drug Artilysin®, respectively probably is already the usage forseeable? Especially Artilysin 175 ® against Pseudomonas. Many thanks
cysteamine and epigallocatechin gallate
Hello Our 9 months old daughter suffers from cystic fibrosis (homozygous for F508del mutation), and I read an article the month before regarding a potential treatment for cystic fibrosis by the use of cysteamine associated with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which should have positive effects on ...
Kalydeco® for children
Dear expert team, is there any concrete information about the time of licensing of Kalydeco® for children from 2-5 years? How successful were the studies? My daughter has G551D, can the health insurance in spite of this refuse to pay the costs? Are there any reasons that speak against ...
Clinical trial genetic therapy
Hello Do you know if the UK clinical trial "genetic therapy" is closed and what are the first conclusions? Thank you
Hello, My 6 year old son just had a sputum culture that shows the presence of mycobacteria. I wished to have more information on this germ and whether my son will have this germ all the life as I gather that it is resistant to antibiotics. Also I'd like to know where is the research regarding ...
Correctors and germs
Dear expert team, supposed one of the new drug combinations e.g. by Vertex would be suited for a correction of the homozygous Fdel508 defect, would encourage the cells to take up their tasks to at least 10% until e.g. 40%, and would result in a similar improvement concerning FEV1 and ...
G542X mutation
I am 19 years old, have CF and carry the mutation G542X. I read and hear about a medication that will be commercially available the coming years for the radical cure of the disease. Is this medicine available to purchase? If not, do you know what state it is in?
R1162X and Q1035X
Hello dear expert team, recently, the mutations R1162X and Q1035X have been detected in my genetic material. Could you please answer the following questions about this combination: - Is there a prognosis concerning the course of the illness? - How is the frequency of both mutations ...
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