Hello, is an aquarium at home dangerous for CF patients as there is the possibility of Pseudomonas contamination? Thank you for answer.
Cat and CF Child
For brevity, my brother (7 years) has cystic fibrosis and my parents refrain to believe that having a cat in the house transmit many diseases that worsen the mutation despite hygiene precautions. I would like a professional opinion on the benefits or risks about a cat for CF patients. (PS: no ...
I am the mother of a 16-month-old boy with cystic fibrosis, diagnosed at 2 months of age. My parents in law have a farm with cows. There are also large reservoirs with maize and grass to feed the cows. Also horses and dogs are on the farm. What should I pay attention to and what is absolutely not ...
Pseudomonas in sputum of child with CF
My nephew who is 1 year old has been diagnosed twice with having pseudomonas in his sputum and has been put on medication to help with the infection. His parents have 2 cats and a few fish in a small tank in their home. My brother and sister in law are very good about keeping the house clean and ...
cystic fibrosis and meeting with dolphins
A big thank you to Dr. Ravilly for her response on the opportunity to swim with dolphins. We retain a possible offer for swimming in the sea or ocean but not in the dolphinarium (risk of transmission in two directions). Last question: what about the meeting at the edge of the dolphinarium pool ...
Transplantation and horse-riding
Can one pursue horse-riding after lung transplantation ?
Poultry keeping?
Hello, We have two children, 4 and 6 years old. Our little daughter has CF. We are thinking about buying chickens. Would you advise against it because of MRSA or other pathogens? She will, of course, not clean the chicken house. Thank you.
Dear experts! For a longer time I have mice from outside in my appartment! As I have read about all the diseases such mice can transmit (e.g. Hanta virus), I am seriously worried. I do not know anymore how I should handle it with the hygiene, as the creatures have been almost everywhere, kitchen, ...
Cat (outside during the day)
Hello, my son's (CF, 14 years old, colonized with encapsulated PSA, FEV 90%) grandparents would like to "adopt" a stray cat who is very healthy according to the vet. The cat is outside during the day and sleeps in the house. No litter box. Is this a reasonable plan with a CF child and, if so, ...
Which criteria does a cat have to meet in order to be allowed to move in?
Hello! Since I (27, female, CF) grew up with pets, my partner and I have been pondering for some time about getting our own pet in our apartment again. It so happened that my great-aunt has now died and left behind a kitten who was born outside but then declared herself a house cat. Which health ...
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