fish bowl
Does a fish bowl contain stagnant water? Or can there be other dangerous bacteria for a child with Cf? Can the child help changing the fishbowl water?
Aquarium and pseudomonas
(a)We have an aquarium at home. Does it impose a risk, as far as pseudomonas is concerned? Should I get rid of it, or can I take precautions? (b)What can I do, as far as cleaning the house is concerned, in order to limit the chances of my kid getting infected, at least at home? I would like to ...
Pets and cleaning
Dear expert team, my daughter (10 years old, CF, staph. aureus) would like to have a pet with all of her heart. Because we, the parents, also both have allergies, we have been living without a pet so far, but we would now like to gift our daughter two dwarf rabbits. We are planning on keeping ...
Birdcage in the house?
My daughter, 7 years old with mild CF, would like to have a parakeet, who would inevitably be living in the house (probably in the hallway). Is this hygienically justifiable? We already have a dog, which is no problem. But birds have a reputation of not being not exactly clean... and I am worried ...
cystic fibrosis: cat and transplantation
Hello, I am recently living in a flat with my cystic fibrosis and 3 years ago transplanted husband. We want to acquire a cat and I would like to know if it is dangerous for his health.
Hello, My little boy is four and has cystic fibrosis. He would like to have a pet. Do you think this is possible? If yes, what are the animals that we can accommodate, and those to avoid? Thank you in advance for your response.
Is it necesary for a CF patient to take extra measurements and for instance not have dogs ?
Turtles (tortoise) and cystic fibrosis
Hello, My granddaughter is in contact at her nanny, with tortoises (land turtles). Do they carry viruses? They are frequently subject to runny nose syndrome." Is this a risk for someone with CF? Thank you for your response.
How long can I stay with a cat?
Guinea Pig
Can I keep a guinea pig as a pet? I have CF and I´m afraid that I might get infected.
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