P. aeruginosa and horse riding
My eight years old little boy is willing to practice horse riding. But I read that some animals carry P. aeruginosa and that we had to be careful concerning the risks of transmission while riding. Could you please give me more precise information on the subject? Thank you.
Cat allergy?
For three years I have been living with my house cat. While on vacation in a cat-free environment for a few days recently, unfortunately I realized that my lungs immediately felt much better. Which specialist can I consult to prove or disprove this suspicion, i.e. where can I do an allergy test ...
CF child and pet
My daughter has CF and is 8 years old and in very good condition. She does not have pseudomonas. Her wish was a pet, so I got for her a Siamese kitten, which we keep in our apartment. The kitten is fully vaccinated and we have it for 6 months now. My friends insist that this is wrong and harmful ...
Dear expert team, our son wants absolutely an aquarium, which I do refuse vehemently because of the risk of germs. As he sticks to his guns and my wife starts to fall into despair, I would like to ask you for help. How do you judge the risk for a CF patient? Many thanks
Animals and children with CF
Can children with CF own a pet (dog, cat, fish, hamster, etc)? Can they come in contact with other animals during our vacation time?
Is there a problem for children with CF to have a paroquet as a pet?
Cat in the bed
Dear expert team, I noted with delight that I can keep my cat even after my transplantation. However, I was advised not to clean the litter pan myself and not to allow my cat to get into my bed. Unfortunately, I have an open passage way between my living room and my bedroom and do not know how ...
Dwarf rabbit = germs?
Hello dear expert team, our dwarf rabbit is hobbling around freely without a cage (only) in the living room, where we also put his “rabbit toilet,” a box of ca. 20x30 cm which we wash out and fill with splints and straw every day. There is a small bowl filled with dried granules and hay ...
Dogs and CF
Dear expert team, I live together with my girlfriend, am 31 years old and have CF in a very good condition. My girlfried absolutely wants to get a dog. Are there any concerns about this? Is there a risk of infection for me? Which risks could there probably be? Many thanks
lung transplantation and cats
Dear ladies and gentlemen, Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner wrote on the 31.01.2008 on the topic transplantation and possession of pets "in general are healty pets and especially dogs, which are additionally vaccinated, no special risk, therefore one could say: no concerns..." Now I work myself at a ...
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