Is it necesarry for a CF patient to take extra measurements and for instance not have dogs ?
Do CF patients run any risk when breeding wild birds?
Hello! I am affected by Cystic Fibrosis. Since the beginning of this year I am on pension because of inability to work. I am thinking about taking care of wild birds next year which fell from their nests and need help. These have to be fed every two hours. My friend has been doing this ...
In a family with a CF child that we are involved with as care givers, there are 4 cats and the parents are smokers. They claim this doesn’t matter. What’s your advice about this.
A simple question but I haven’t found an answer anywhere. We have three cats, these cats also go outside. What is the opinion about a CF baby (eight weeks old) and pets.
Pets and Lung Transplantation
I have a question: Currently, I am in a difficult situation. I am about to get myself a dog because I always wanted to have one and now I am a house-wife and finally do have a lot of time for the animal. Furthermore, I am widowed and very lonely since December. My psychologist recommended me to ...
Dealing with dogs / pets
Without doubt this is a frequently asked question, however I am not sure about this: is it advisable to avoid dealing with dogs? Which kind of pets are advisable for CF-patients anyhow?
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