hyperechogenic bowel
I am 22 weeks pregnant with my second child and during the ultrasound a hyperechogenic bowel was detected with no other indication of a chromosome anomaly. I am 33 years old and the chance for a down syndrome is 1:2500. I was tested for 90% of CF mutations and I am waiting for the results. If I am ...
IVF with ovocyte donor
We intend to proceed within the next few months to IVF with ovocyte donation. My husband was tested for 50 basic CF mutations and was found concerning the intron 8-5T/7T/9T to be a carrier of 5T/9T polymorphic tracts. The results for the other subtypes were normal (for the subtype R117H in ...
Desire to have children
Dear Sir, dear Madam, I am an 18-year-old woman. My boyfriend is almost 18 and has CF. He takes medication but has little to no complaints. We are professionally and financially both doing well and we would like to have a baby. I have two questions: I know that the chance to get pregnant ...
Willebrand disease and CF prenatal diagnosis
Hello, my partner is a carrier of a CF gene mutation, so we made an test for me and I am unfortunately also carrier of the gene. We were explained the risk is 1/4 chance of having a child with CF and the possibility of diagnosis at 11 weeks of pregnancy. The problem is I have got also Willebrand ...
Does infertility of CF men change?
Dear expert team, CF men are in 98% of cases infertile, this is what I read. What is the reason for this? Can the infertility change? I myself got tested 10 years ago at a specialist for urology with the result, that I was infertile. As my girl-friend (non CF) does not use a contraceptive coil ...
Tobramycin inhalation
Hello, is there any information if tobramycin inhalation during early pregnancy can be harmful for the baby? We have to inhale tobramycin twice a day with our 2-year-old CF daughter and we ask ourselves if the vapours that we share by sitting next to her could harm the unborn. Many thanks
Further to sexual relations, the spouse of a CF patient complains about burns, blushes at the level of the vulva. Have you already had this kind of complaints? Can it be due to secretions rich in salt? What can be proposed to have relieve? Thank you for your attention and answer.
ISET method
Hello I have already read, with attention, the last answer regarding the subject [], but I want to know if there a place in France where this test can be performed? Otherwise, do you ...
Chance of CF for a fetus
Ι am in my 22nd week of pregnancy and the fetus was diagnosed with hyperechogenic bowel grade II. I did not have any bleeding during my pregnancy. After the recommendation of my gynecologist I did an amniocentesis and I and my partner gave a blood sample. The amniotic fluid and our blood was ...
Possibility of CF - DF508 traced
Τhe embryo was found to carry the DF508 mutation. I and my husband were tested and it turned out that the DF508 mutation is also carried by my husband. We expect my results (95% of CF mutations checked). We were informed that in case I am found to carry one other mutation, the embryo must be ...
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