Antibiotics in CF
What are the major antibiotics administered in these patients, according to the germs? thank you
Hearing loss with Tobi® inhalation
Dear expert team, about a week ago, I (26 years old, CF) had acute hearing loss. During its treatment phase, several hearing tests were done. My hearing loss was reversible, but it was detected in this context that I suffer from hearing loss in the high-frequency range. I have been inhaling once ...
Antibiotics and dentist
I have CF and use cotrimoxazol as maintenance therapy. I needed a tooth extraction. The dentist wanted to give antibiotics but because I already take antibiotics he didn’t find that necessary. Does cotrimoxazol help when you need a tooth extraction? You cannot take two antibiotics at the same ...
Antibiotics therapy (over three months) necessary?
Dear expert team, My daughter (CF patient, three years old, mild progression so far with only a few minor infections, completely without cough for three years except during infection times) was just diagnosed with an acute infection of the lungs with Staph. aureus (anti-staphylolysin positive). ...
CF and vein situation
My three years old daughter has CF and Pseudomonas infection. Therefore we often go for intravenous treatment. I want to ask, if there is something for hardening of the veins, because our daughter must very often go for repunctureing and her veins burst very often. Thank you very much.
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Is intravenous antibiotics treatment necessary for a child with CF who has stenotrophomonas maltophilia and is resistant to peroral antibiotics? What other type of treatment would you recommend?
How certain is the treatment for pseudomonas?
a)When someone is treated with ciprofloxacin for quite sometime with negative pharyngeal cultures and continues to take the medicine for a little while longer, what are the chances of getting reinfected with pseudomonas during the course of treatment, or immediately after its termination? What are ...
antibiotic treatment
My son (25 years) is colonized by Staphylococcus aureus R (MRSA), Alcaligenes xylosoxidans, Aspergillus fumigatus. He has IV treatments over and over, the germs have become resistant to antibiotics. The Zyvoxid (Linezolide), is no longer effective. Can we hope that former antibiotics would become ...
Intravenous course
Hello, Could you please give us scientific explanation on how and where precisely intravenous antibiotics will act on the targeted bacteria? What is the difference compared to aerosols? Thank you.
Antibiotic odour
Hello, I have just finished an intravenous treatment with tazocillin one week ago and since the end of treatment my skin smells special ! ! Is it possible or is this a 'hallucination " ??? best regards ...
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