Side effects after long-term therapy with azithromycin??
Hello, my 12-year-old son is chronically colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PSA) for two years. Since 6/2010 two times capsule-forming germs have been found in the throat swab. Since then he takes additionally azithromycin 250mg every second day besides Colistin and DNAse. As this therapy ...
Staphyloccocus aureus
Hello, our daughter (13 months) has been diagnosed with the germ Staphylococcus aureus in the throat swab. She has it - since her diagnose 10 months ago - now for the second time. Apart from the mucus she has, which she can cough out very well however, she has no symptoms of infection. We ...
We have received an antibiotic drug, which has to be mixed togehter by us with water for our CF son. He has to take it for 14 days. In how far is there a risk, that Pseudomonas grow in the preparation within those 14 days?
CAYSTON (Aztreonam Lysine)
Hello. We asked that our daughter benefit from Cayston®. Could you tell me wether the tests are conclusive and if the people who experienced it have felt some improvement?
Side effects of vancomycin
Dear expert team, at my last visit at the CF-center, MRSA has unfortunately been detected in my sputum. We decided to start an eradication trial with linezolid orally and in parallel vancomycin i.v. At the first dosage of vancomycin (Perfusor syringe pump was running with 50ml/h) the skin of my ...
Achromobacter xylosoxidans
Dear Expert Team, Is there any news in 2010 concerning the therapy options of the above mentioned bacterium wiht patients showing severe decrease in FEV1 (and otherwise only faily treatable Staphylococci in the sputum? Many thanks for your efforts.
Decontamination of the bowel in case of antibiotic therapy
Dear expert team, how can the intestinal flora be maintained in spite of an antibiotic therapy? Is this possible at all? If yes, which substances come into consideration? I have to take Ciprofloxacin capsules in alternation with Tobramycin-inhalations for one year. Many thanks in advance! Your ...
My wife is CF patient We have recently heard that she is becoming resistant for several antibiotics. At the moment there are two kinds of antibiotics left. The bacteria that is causing most problems is the E coli bacteria. My question is whether there is a risk that my wife will become resistant ...
Treatment of Pseudomonas-colonization
Hello, I am 20 years old, male, CF, until now mild course of the disease. Besides Staphyloccus aureus, now Pseudmonas-germ has been found. How are the actual options of treatment? Is one now all the time susceptible to Pseudomonas, in case the germ can be eradicated with antibiotic-therapy and ...
Pain/ partially fever under antibiotics
Hello, I am 25 years old and have for 23 years now a constant colonization with Pseudomonas. Since then, I inhale constantly antibiotics, since 1995 I do 3-4 i.v.-therapies a year, in between Ciprofloxacin in a 2-weeks on/off therapy. In former times this was not a problem to me, I was able to ...
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