Long-term antibiotics therapy, what dosage? With which antibiotics? Alternating antibiotics?
Hello, at the recommendation of the CF clinic, we have now decided to start long-term antibiotics therapy with our daughter (15 months) at least over the winter. What antibiotics should we choose? Does one have to switch antibiotics in between due to the risk of resistances? What dosage does one ...
Dear expert team, my son (1 year, CF) has once more Staphylococci in the throat swab and has been treated with antibiotics for this several times. My question is, where this germ can be found, as we do really have a look at the hygiene, I ask myself where he gets the germ all the time? Or can ...
Antibiotics after throat swab
Hello, I have posed lately a similar question. You have written to me that some centers treat according to the result of the swab and e.g. give antibiotics even if there are no signs of infection but a Staphylocuccus. Our daughter (1 year) still had a Staphylococcus in the swab, is however ...
Antibiotics how early?
Unfortunately, our CF outpatient clinic and our paediatrician do not always share the same opinion. The paediatrician suggests not giving antibiotics too early because otherwise one has to reckon with resistances in the following years. Apparently he performs controls at close intervals and then ...
Replacement of tobi
Hello. I would like to ask about a new kind of device (as a replacement for tobi) that will be smaller in size (like the one used for salbutamol). I have heard that it may be commercially available in the next 5-6 months. Is it true?
Pharmacokinetics of Tobramycin and Ceftazidime
I am a medicines information pharmacist at Alder Hey in Liverpool and I have been asked to look into the evidence behind the use of twice daily IV tobramycin and ceftazidime, which one of our shared care centres uses. I can see in the CF trust antibiotic guidelines it states that the total daily ...
i.v. therapy regularly in case of chronic PsA??
Dear Expert Team, My 11-year-old son contracted PSA 16 months ago (i.v. therapy in June 08 was not successful). Antibodies in serum were positive in April 09. FEV is 92%, and my son is very fit (no secretion, no cough, X-ray negative, good weight). Is there a recommendation for children ...
Azithromycin at chronic PSA
Dear expert team, my 11-year-old son is chronically colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PSA) for one year (FEV1 98%). He inhales 2x colistin and 1x DNAse. We consider, in case his lung function should worsen, to try azithromycin. - how is the effect of this antibiotic on the PSA ? (by which ...
Reduction of the hearing as a consequence of an antibiotic therapy
My son is 4 years old and has CF (diagnosed after birth with meconium ileus). I had already the impression from the beginning, that he does not hear properly, which has been denied by the doctors mostly. Now, with increasing age it strikes even more to me again. At an online platform I heard from ...
Prophylactic antibiotic therapy
In my son (22 months) the illness of CF is known for nearly one year. Up to now, he has not been especially susceptable for infections. He has had 3 viral infections in the last winter (rhinitis, light obstructive bronchitis, one time with short period of fever). The pediatrician and the CF-clinic ...
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