Allergy to antibiotics / penecillin and cephalosporine
Hello, I want to ask a question about an allergy to the group of penecillin antibiotics and cephalosporine antibiotics. 3 years ago I took piperacillin plus tazobactam and after 5 days I got an allergy of the skin (it started itching). One month ago I got Cefepim and after the first dose after ...
Permanent therapy with azithromycin
Hello, I am 34 years old, have CF and have a staphylococcus aureus colonization for about 20 years and take antibiotics for 2 years about every 3 months, sometimes ampicillin plus sulbactam, sometimes other. Sometimes other germs occur, however dissapear again. I do not have a Pseudmonas ...
Permanent antibiotic therapy
Dear expert team, our daughter is 16 months old an has CF. Until now we had only problems with the intestine and not with the lung. No colonization with germs, no cough or higher susceptibility for infections. In our town there are two CF outpatient clinics. We are cared for in one of them, a ...
Grapefruit and antibiotics
I read that the action of some antibiotics changes when you take them together with grapefruit (juice). Is this correct and is this the case with ciprofloxacine? Is the action stronger then?
Hello, I am a parent of a child with CF. I’ve got a question about the treatment with the nebuliser solution Tobi-300. I know that it’s strictly individual, but I am interested what are the criteria for treatment. If a patient has Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the lungs and has started ...
Protection from light-toxic skin reaction with Ciprofloxacin
Which sunscreens provide protection from light-toxic reactions when taking Ciprofloxacin, so that one can still go skiing or spend time outdoors in the Spring and Summer?
acute sinusitis
Is sulfperazon a treatment for acute sinusitis?
Can Azithromycin be used for CF children treatment? How does it work?
Goodafternoon. My son has cystic fibrosis. In case of the exacerbation he is treated with antibiotics in Kaunas clinics. Pseudomonas is finding in him sputum. He is treated with amikacin and ceftazidim. I would like to known about possibility to use inhaled tobramycin. Why he not treated this drug ...
Antibiotic treatment while on chemotherapy
Good morning, we are taking care of an adult patient who is colonised by Pseudomonas and currently receives chemotherapy because of testicular cancer. Is an antibiotic treatment during every cycle of chemotherapy reasonable? I think this might be indicated because of the successive aplasia.
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