Duct heating system?
Does anyone know if this type of heating system is a threat to those with C.F.?
Aquagenic Wrinkling of Palms
My daughter (5 y.o.; F508del/CFTR dele2,3) seems to have Aquagenic wrinkling of Palms. What does this condition mean? IS it somehow dangerous? Should it be treated?
Does the place of residence influence the course of the CF?
Dear expert team, I ask myself, if the place of residence influences the course of the CF? That means concretely, if CF patients should prefer a residence next to the sea and if those who live in the up-country have a disadvantage due to the air there? Are there any studies on this topic? Is the ...
CF and airing of the house, house building
We have the possibility in our new house to use the air that has been cooled down in earth wires as airing for the rooms and air-conditioning. As our daughter is a CF patient, we ask ourselves if in the wires Pseudomonas aeruginosa could grow and can distribute via the air-conditioning in the ...
Cystic fibrosis and general anesthesia
Hello, My 6-year-old son has to undergo a very minor dental operation. It was initially planned under general anesthesia. But the day of the intervention, one of the anaesthetists opposed the general anesthesia by precaution due to cystic fibrosis. I specify that the CF Center had validated the ...
Air humidity
Dear expert team! There is a former question ( that have only been asked and answered recently, that deals with the improvement of the air humidity in the bedroom in the wintertime. This ...
Extreme hand wrinkling
Hello, I currently am experiencing extreme hand wrinkling within minutes in a bath tub or shower my hands are extremely wrinkled and burning or tingling. I do not have Cystic Fibrosis or diabetes...I do have JRA.. Does it have to relate to a disease?
Hello dear ladies and gentlemen, as the effect of a normal antibiotic i.v. therapy in spite of early great successes unfortunately does not last very long anymore (CRP increases and increases...) and furthermore my kidney values are getting always very bad during an i.v. therapy, I would like to ...
Airing at night in the wintertime in case of CF
Hello, I come across again and again differing opinions form physicians, concerning the nightly tilting of the window in the wintertime. One physician says, it is better to keep the windows closed, as outdoors the cold air would be too dry. The other arguments in favour of opening the windows, as ...
Blood pressure and heart rate in children with cystic fibrosis
Hello Can cystic fibrosis cause problems of blood pressure and / or elevated heart rate in CF adolescents (110 beats / min, he is 14 years old)? Are the two related? If so, would there be a link between cause and effect? Early infection or something else? Thank you very much in advance for your ...
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