Need to be answered
Hello Here I ask myself many questions. My girlfriend is hospitalized since Aug 21th. She has a big problem of breath (shortness of breath), that is the reason why she’s still hospitalized. Last week she made tests: Gastroscopy, liver ultrasound and blood withdrawal. Gastroscopy shows an ...
smoking passively
Dear questioner, We have an 8-year-old son with CF. We are both non-smokers. But my father lives since recent time with a smoking woman. Because he takes care a lot of our son, I worry because every time he comes back from my father, our son smells like cigarette smoke allover. We have spoken ...
Do edemas burden the liver additionally in case of CF?
Dear ladies and gentlemen, many thanks in advance for your human commitment and your expert advice! I have probably an exceptional however a very uncomfortable and important question: Do regluar self-caused edemas, especially in my case at the penis shaft, burden the liver (in case of existing ...
Problems with teeth
My daughter, 2 years old, has extreme problems with her upper teeth. They are very thin, begin to break out. Can this also be related to the disease? Where can I get guidelines for dentists without experience in CF from? We have great fear to visit a doctor, as she already has extreme fear ...
climbing indoor
Hello, My 7-year-old daughter would like to practise climbing. We went in a room to learn it and we noticed that the air was full of magnesia. The air is renewed every night but the magnesia is very volatile and there remains always on the grips. I did not find information about the ...
Role of CFTR protein
Hello, Can you explain in great details the mechanisms of antimicrobial immune defense in CF and the role of CFTR in these mechanisms. Thank you for your answers
Milk and milk derivatives
Hello, for a child with high sputum production, is it better to avoid or to forbid cow's milk and its derivatives (cheese - yogurt). I've heard that it promotes the production of mucus. Thank you for your reply
Escherichia coli
Dear ladies and gentlemen, Echerichia coli has been found on my tonsils. I have to have my tonsils removed now, as it has not disappeared with the antibiotics. I would like to know, if Escherichia coli can be transmitted via oral sex with the partner, because I do not have any other complaints ...
Hello, We are going to move in a house that we are going to renew (breaking of walls, paintings, stone floors,....) How long do you recommend us to wait before installing us after works with our 18-month-old daughter? Thank you for your answer.
Sleep apnea?
For a long time (several years) I "buzz" when I fall asleep or while I am sleeping. It deals with a kind of groaning noise, when I am woken up I often remember to have just had some talks in my dreams. Until now I thought this was due to the lively dreaming, however I have come across the sleep ...
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