Filter for drinking water
Dear expert team, I am going to travel to Sweden. My question: What is your opinion concerning the following filter for drinking water? [side inGerman] Can a CF patient with ...
Hello, Following recent floods, including Ile De France, the mosquito population will increase. What are the risks for CF people, especially babies? Cordially.
Organic hygiene products: with or without risk
I’m a 35 year-old CF mother. I always had a sensitive and reactive skin and my daughter is like me. To find some natural products was not very easy, so I opted for more natural hygiene products, and I bought organic products "URTEKRAM®" for the body, the shampoo, the deodorant. But can I ...
Hello, my 8-year-old son has cystic fibrosis and has trouble in sleeping. It takes him very long to fall asleep and he joins us in the night. He is followed up by a child psychiatrist who prescribed 2mg of melatonin for 1 month. What do you think? The CF Center pediatrician had prescribed the ...
CF and a child with auto-immune hepatitis
Hello, my daughter is 7 years old and suffers from CF, in her class there is a child who suffers from an auto-immune hepatitis. My daugther has already had Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the throat swab several times, is there a risk for transmission? Or is there in general a danger for one of the two ...
Drinking bottles
My daughter is 7-years old and suffers from CF. I am insecure concerning the usage of water bottles. Due to the supposed colonization of germs in case of refill-bottles, I have changed to one-way 0.5 litre bottles (only for usage in school and during sports). The bottle is emptied within one day ...
Lupus and CF
Dear team, I came across the article “Lupus and CF – Quensyl?” on this platform. I have been diagnosed to suffer from CF and also from Lupus erythematosus. I tolerate Quensyl very well and it has an effect, so that I have to take additionally cortisone only in phases. My question: is it ...
Hi, I'm a CF patient. When my friend comes to stay with me she always spends the night with a very stuffy nose (inflammation without flow) and swollen eyes. This quickly gives the alarm. The rest of the time she has no symptoms (though she lives in Paris ...) Where can this come from (humidity?) ...
How dangerous is hairspray?
Hello, due to current happenings I am a bit worried, concerning the accidental inhalation of hairspray. Can this be especially dangerous for a CF patient, to inhale these poision- (and glu-) substances once/more often?
Medical checkup over the age of 50
Hello dear expert team, I am 51 years old and suffer from CF. I received an information about a medical checkup from the insurance for men over the age of 50. I.a. an endoscopy of the bowel was proposed to be done every 2 years. I am very insecure. In healthy people such a checkup makes sense to ...
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