Child in foster care
Hello, my granddaughter is placed in a foster home following a court ruling for ill-treatment. I would like to know the percentage of CF children is placed in foster homes and having a normal life nonetheless. Best regards
Colonization of chestnut trees with Pseudomonas
I have read an article in a German newspaper from 11/15 about trees. There it was mentioned, that chestnut trees are colonized with Pseudomonas in the area around Dresden (city in the east of Germany). Can CF patients get colonized and which kind of precaution measures should be taken?
DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide in case of CF
Acoording to Dr. Hartmut Fischer, DMSO is a channel opener and acts against scarring (CF?!). In the laboratory they are working on the chloride channels with DMSO. It keeps the chloride channel open. Does it make sense to use DMSO orally or transdermally in case of CF? Are there any studies ...
christmas tree
To prepare Christmas days with my CF girl, what is the best: a "real" fir tree or an artificial tree because of the aspergillus risk. Thank for your answer and all answers of Ecorn Cordially
Substitution of vitamins
Hello dear expert team, at the moment one can read in the press, that vitamin tablets respectively antioxidants could have a damaging effect, especially in cancer patients. I (CF patient, female, 38) ask myself, if I should go on taking my vitamin tablets. Could there be a connection between the ...
Effects of cigarette smoke in the sleeping room
Hello, my partner is smoking in the sleeping room. When I am there (I suffer from CF), he smokes out of the window. We are not living together yet. However I have the impression, to cough more there during the night compared to my home. Besides the reduced sleeping comfort, can this have ...
Popping in the knee
Hello, Since a few years I (28, CF) have sometimes more, sometimes less problems with joint pain, especially in the knee. My CF doctor does not see any need for action. About 1,5 months ago the left knee started suddenly to make a popping sound whenever I stretched it and it still does since ...
Aquagenic Wrinkling of Palms
Hello, My dermatologist diagnosed me an Aquagenic Wrinkling of Palms: does it necessarily mean that I have cystic fibrosis? Regards.
Advice for dwelling
Hello, I am seeking your valuable advice to help me find the dwelling place that would improve my health. I am CF, 4 years ago I left Paris and pollution to be closer to the oxygen say near the forest of Fontainebleau. Unfortunately I have not thought at all to the problems that home moisture ...
Aquagenic wrinkling of palms
Hi, I'm dermatologist A 20-year-old girl comes to consult me: she has been experiencing a typical 10 days clearly an aquagenic wrinkling of palms (I did the test and have well observed characteristic changes of her palms...). No personnal history of CF. Do I still worry her and have her making a ...
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