Working in the archives
Hello, I found a job that typically involves storing and fetching documents stored in a building and I want to know if there is a risk in terms of dust and moisture possibly due to floods in june 2010? Kind regards,
He CF - she asthma
Hello, is it a health risk for a CF patient if his/her partner has mild asthma? Does the partner with asthma have to be put on par with the partner with CF?
Prolapse of the rectal mucosa
Hello, my daughter is 6 weeks old and as I recently gave her for the first time a suppository, a slight prolapse of the rectal mucosa occurred due to the fact that she was pressing against it. Now I observed it another time during emptying the bowels. There are always only a few mililmeters, that ...
Willebrand disease and CF prenatal diagnosis
Hello, my partner is a carrier of a CF gene mutation, so we made an test for me and I am unfortunately also carrier of the gene. We were explained the risk is 1/4 chance of having a child with CF and the possibility of diagnosis at 11 weeks of pregnancy. The problem is I have got also Willebrand ...
Grommets (tympanic tubes) in case of CF
Hello Dr. Mainz, 3 months ago, grommets have been placed in both ears of our son, as he had an impairment of hearing. As one of those grommets got out of place now, another one should be placed in 2 weeks. We read your answer that tympanic tubes are not favorable in case of CF. What should we do ...
Lactrase® preparation in case of mould fungus allergy and CF
Hello. I am suffering from CF and lately, a lactose intolerance has been diagnosed. As I am additionally allergic to mould fungi I would like to know, if I can take uncritically Lactrase® preparations, as they are mostly breeded on mould fungi? Many thanks for your efforts, Best regards,
Irritating cough
Hello, since a short period of time I have a strong irritating cough, so that I can hardly breathe in between! I inhale Bronchitol® as well as Tobi®! Probably one can help me further! Many thanks in advance, S.
Acne in case of CF
Dear expert team, are there any other possibilities to treat an acne conglobata of a CF patient? Isotretinoin and antibiotics have unfortunately not brought an improvement of the skin picture. Many thanks in advance and best regards,
Removal of the gallbladder
Hello, can the need for enzymes (Kreon, Panzytrat etc) increase after removal of the gallbladder? Yours sincerely, A. K.
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have CF and I am 49 years old and I have given birth to 3 children. Last year I had a severe infection with pertussis, due to the strong cough over 3 weeks during day and night, my pelvic base suffered. After an urodynamic investigation in the university hospital, a ...
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