Grommets (tympanic tubes) yes or no?
Hello, Our 4-year-old daughter suffers from CF! She has an impairment of hearing caused by mucus behind the ear (probably due to a precedent otitis media)! At first, we were told to wait and have a control after 3 months, if the finding will not improve: grommets…. Now we have 2 opinions, ...
Acinetobacter baumannii
Dear ladies and gentlemen, in the throat swab of our 7-year-old son Acinetobacter baumannii has been found. Acutally he receives cotrimoxazole due to an infection. Now we have been told, that we have to be isolated in the CF center and the weekly physiotherapy should take place from now on at ...
Further to sexual relations, the spouse of a CF patient complains about burns, blushes at the level of the vulva. Have you already had this kind of complaints? Can it be due to secretions rich in salt? What can be proposed to have relieve? Thank you for your attention and answer.
Scarlet fever
Hello, My 5-year-old little boy had the scarlet fever twice in 2 and a half months. He finished his antibiotic treatment on Friday (that he had for 14 days) and he began again to have the symptoms 3 days after the end of the treatment. He has a visit tomorrow morning at our family doctor but ...
CF-contact to baby?
Hello, is a CF patient actually allowed to have direct contact to a newborn? The immue system is indeed maturing only over 4 the concrete case the CF patient is only colonized with Staph. aureus, however did already have Pseudmonas in the past. Many thanks for your answer (the baby ...
Breast enlargement with CF
Hello dear expert team, I am 31-years-old, 167 cm tall, weigh 62 kg, FEV1 80%, no children. For about 10 years I have the thought in mind to have my breast enlarged, for one year I have several informational talks with different plastic surgeons and collect diligently all information that can ...
Hello, I have CF, am relatively fit, 24 years old, 173cm tall, and weigh 68kg. My TSH value is 5.02 (ref.: 0.4-4.2), FT3 is at 3.45 (ref.: 2-4.2), and FT4 at 10 (ref.: 8-18). There is a history of hashimoto thyreoiditis in my family -- do these values indicate that this is beginning for me ...
Limestone in faucet
Is the limestone in faucet or bathtubs dangerous for CF children ? Thank you
Hello, our one-year-old son with CF is sweating for several weeks very strongly at the head, even if he is not too warmly dressed and it is not warm. Especially at night and when inhaling. His hair is often completely sweated wetly. Shall we get this investigated (and if yes, how?) or is it ...
Klinefelter syndrome and CF
Dear expert team, your colleagues diganosed me to have the caryotype of Klinefelter syndrome, also the further diagnostics revealed two sweat test that were more than positive. The suspicion was communicated that it could deal with an atypical CF due to the Klinefelter symdrome. Is there anything ...
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