Consumption of coffee in case of portal hypertension (male/28-years-old)
Dear expert team, thank you very much in advance for your human efforts! I am 28 years old, male, suffer from CF and have nealry no restrictions in the daily life. I have a secondary, biliary (beginning) cirrhosis of the liver without esophageal varices, however with prolonged portal ...
Hello Following a discussion with Dr Ravilly (ex-Head of medical department, Vaincre la mucoviscidose) regarding magnesium (Mg) in CF, I would like to have an answer from her successor or from the head of research department. My concern is the transport of Mg in the cell (and not only the level ...
hypersensitivity pneumonitis
Hi can someone please help i am 35 years old and very sic i have been diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis and we dont seem to have the right medication here in australia for my condition .I dont know waht else to do thanks
Renal insufficiency stadium II
Partly increased creatinin values in the blood (85/94/96/100), measurement of the glomerular filtration rate according to the MDRD formula (67ml/min/body surface on the 9th december 2013, on the 24th february 2014 - 62.7) at a control done by the general practitioner. These values fluctuate and ...
Hello, we paint in our house with water based paints. Is there a risk for our son 5 years of age with cystic fibrosis ? Thank you for your answer
Hello, Can a CF child of 20 months use playdough if he respects conventional hygiene instructions? Is there a particular indication against? Thank you in advance.
Smell after drain = danger for health?
Hello, I have come accross on contradictory information during my own research in the internet. I have the problem for a long time, that it smells uncomfortably in my kitchen. The source can not be localized, only one thing is clear: the smell does not come from the drains themselves (there is ...
Persistent diarrhea in babies
My 13 month-old baby girl was reported suffering from a moderate form of cystic fibrosis since her 2nd month. She has food allergies and frequent constipation since birth. Stool analysis did not reveal any pancreatic problem, from what I understand. But today, she has diarrhea since a week. Not ...
Hello, does Cannabis help in case of CF?
Air-exhausting systems, what has to be paid attention to
Dear expert team, I move with my daughter (CF, 18 months old) to an appartment, where the bathroom has no window: there is an air-exhausting system (which one exactly, I do unfortunately not know). I have already looked for adequate former questions on the ecorn-cf site, however I could not make ...
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