Painting with mutation 2789+5G A
Hello, I am carrying the mutation 2789 +5 G A. I don't have enough money to pay a painter and I absolutely must do interior work (for a healthier environment, wallpaper peeling off, accumulating dust below) and outside. I have 2 questions for you please: Outdoors, glycero paint, and water, do I ...
Cystic fibrosis and beta-thalassaemia
Is there a chance for somebody to be a carrier of CF and beta-thalassaemia simultaneously? What is the correlation between the two and the chances/impact in having children?
Inflammation of the salivary glands?
Hello, My son (7 years old) suffers from CF and has an inflammation of the salivary gland for 4 weeks, he has been given antibiotics and it did not help. We have been to the ENT doctor and he said that this would rather be a typical finding in CF.????? An ultrasound has been done, however there ...
Building a house
We would like to build a massive house made of wood. Does anything speak against a wooden house from the standpoint of CF? What about a ventilation system?
Share a room
Hello, I would like to know if my little 5 year-old boy with cystic fibrosis may exceptionally share a room with his sister or with a friend during the holidays? Thank you in advance.
MDMA and E
Hi there, I wondered if you could please tell me about the effects of MDMA and E from a systems perspective on a person that has cystic fibrosis or if there were any links to literature/information handouts anywhere? I am a health professional that has recently been asked this by an ...
Manuka Honey
I have read a paper explaining that Manuka honey could not work in CF patients because it can not be inhaled and when taken orally, it would not reach the lung. I am not scientist, hence perpaps this is a silly question, but why can manuka honey not reach the lung when taken orally, but oral ...
Room Temperature
What is the BEST room temperature for a person with CF?
Can NaCL infusion help CF patients
Dear Sir/Madam, I am a mother of a child with CF. Maybe my question is stupid as I do not have medical background, but I am wondering can usage of Na Cl infusion through the blood once a week help CF patients in term of bringing salt through the blood into lungs, pancreas, stomack, etc.? This ...
Living in Athens with CF Recommended ?
I have an 11 year old daughter with CF and we live in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but we may come to live in Athens, I am worried about the air pollution, we will be living in the hills outside Athens. Also Gala has just started to take Ivacaftor as she has the G551 mutation, is this going to be available ...
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