CF Centers in Spain
My daughter with CF is now 19 and she wants to go to Spain for a year, at best to Valencia, which is not a condition. Due to necessary regular check ups, sputum testing and so on we are searching for some CF Centers in Spain, Valencia. Could you please provide us with some contact? Eventualy,  ...
Inhaled antibiotics available in Germany
My daughter will be studying in Germany for 6 months this spring/summer and is interested in what inhaled antibiotics are available and approved for use in CF there. Could someone tell us?
Travelling and CF
My girlfriend has a mild form of CF. We would like to go live abroad for a year. We have a full list of CF hospitals worldwide where CF specialists are available. But now my question is: which countries are OK to go to and which are not good, with regards to temperature, air humidity etc.
Travelling to the sea
Is it recommended for a child (4 years old with CF) to travel to the sea in an airplane? Thank you.
CF centres
Hello, I'm a mother of a 6-month-old son who has had CF confirmed. Because we are planning to go on holidays this summer, I wanted to know if there are specialized CF centers in Croatia, Austria and Italy. Can we contact them in the event of a worsening of his situation? I have paid for health ...
Sailing and cystic fibrosis
Which experiences exist concerning the hygiene of water reservoirs on boats during sailing trips and is there a potential Pseudomonas problem? If so, what precautions can be taken? Should my daughter participate or not?
camper van
Hello, we have just bought a camper van and are planning to travel with our two kids, which both have CF disease, during summer holiday. Are there any concerns/recommendations we should think about ?
Vacation on a farm / north sea / air conditioning
We are planning to go on vacation to a farm with our 3-year old daughter, suffering from CF. In how far is it harmful for her, or rather, what do we have to pay attention to in the stable? What about mudflats at the north sea at low tide? In general, is it allowed to switch on the air conditioning ...
American vest and inhalator in Germany
Dear Experts, We are living in the USA and have a 12 year old son, suffering from CF. We are planning to fly to Frankfurt for 2 weeks in the autumn, in order to visit my family. We are using a vest and I do not know if we can use it due to the current difference. Can we hire such a thing in ...
Oxygen supply during flight
Dear expert team, […] Since my last flight I know that oxygen supply during the flight would be good to have and therefore I would like to know how and with which airlines and of course at which price oxygen supply can be applied for. Altogether I would like to know if there is a list of ...
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