School trip
Hello I have an 8-year-old CF daughter and the teacher told me about a "green class" (school trip) project for next spring for a week. I wonder how I could allow my child to participate in this trip due to the absence of inhalation and physiotherapist sessions during those 5 days. Could you ...
Filter for drinking water
Dear expert team, I am going to travel to Sweden. My question: What is your opinion concerning the following filter for drinking water? [side inGerman] Can a CF patient with ...
Sailing school discovery
Hello, our 8-year old CF son will go in May with his class for a discovery sailing trip on Lake Thau, near Sète (France). The problem is that they will sail with little "optimistic" on the lake and not on the sea. The CF Center has not banned but said that it was not the ideal destination. From ...
Pseudomonas at the beach
Hello, Are there any studies about the contamination of beaches of different European coast regions with Pseudomonas? Is, for example, the beach at the North Sea less contaminated with Pseudomonas than a Mediterranean or an Atlantic beach? We ask this, because we want to have the lowest ...
Staying abroad in Singapore
Is there medical CF care in Singapore in case of emergency (staying for 3 months)?
Dear expert team, We want to stay at a hotel in the mediterranean arrea. What has to be taken into account conerning the pool? Is there a danger of infection with Pseudomonas? In the Internet it is written about a freshwater pool, can one assume, that it is chlorine in it? Many thanks for your ...
Hello, Can I take part with my 7-year-old CF-boy at a cruise without worries? Thank you
CF medical insurance coverage in EU
I will go from Russia to Budapest (Hungary) for working reasons, soon. My wife has CF. Me and her, we will work in Budapest and have a health insurance. How is the needed medical care there? What about drugs (Pulmozyme and Tobi), does it mean it is covered by the health insurance or do we have to ...
Journeys abroad
Hello we are planning to leave to Kenya and Ireland next year (one week for every place) with our five-year-old CF girl. Are these places problematic? Thank you!
Living in Morocco
Hello, I would like to join my husband who works in Casablanca with my CF baby. I wonder if my child's insurance coverage will keep going and what steps are upcoming. Thank you for your help.
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