Clinic abroad with CF experience
Dear expert team, I am planning to go away on a trip within the next weeks, pretty soon … most probably to Fuerteventura! For safety reasons I would feel better if I had a medical address with CF experience in my luggage. Furthermore, how can I apply for oxygen supply during the flight and ...
Fountain water
Hello, We are planning a vacation abroad. The travel organizer informed us that all pools are filled with fountain water that is exchanged every two to three days. The tap water is also fed by this fountain. Can a stay for a CF patient be recommended? Best regards A second question has been ...
Travelling with CF
CF- Patients frequently ask if there is specific medical concern for them to travel to foreign countries. Question 1: Is there a list available that tells CF-patients which areas/countries they should avoid to visit? Question 2: If so, to which particular risks/species is a patient exposed in such ...
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