Vacation in Italy
Hello, We are going on vacation for 15 days in Italy. Are there any trained respiratory physiotherapists and what about the the French Health Insurance coverage regarding the care expenses reimbursement?
Flight duration
I had 2.5 years ago a pneumothorax, can I nevertheless go on an 11-hours flight without fear?
Insurance in Canada
Hello, I contact you cause I meet with many refusals by repatriation and liability insurances because of the medical questionnaire in which I included cystic fibrosis. I'm looking for insurance for 3 months and my departure approaches: still without any assurance that agrees to take care of ...
Treatment of CF in Paraguay
Is there any caring CF-center in Paraguay?
reimbursement of care in England
My 16 year-old daughter will visit England for two weeks. According to the organizers, reimbursements with European health insurance card pertain only for health care provided by a physician but not for a physiotherapist. Could you confirm this?
Trip to England
Is there an equivalent association for "Vaincre La Mucoviscidose" (the french CF association) in England?
We live in Canada and we will spend a holiday in Nice [France], and we need to rent a nebulizer and a compression machine (this is the name given in Canada). Do you know where and how we can rent this equipment?
My daughter has a friend with CF. They are going on vaccation to Barcelona. What should her friend do to organize that flight? R.L.
Train ride to Austria
Dear expert team, I am planning to go to Austria on vacation by high-speed train shortly and am worried that I might not tolerate the air conditioning on the train. Is there any danger concerning the temperature regulation on the train for me as a CF patient? (Ca. 6 hours on the train.) You ...
Travelling with oxygen while seriously ill
Dear, I’m a mother of a 22 year old seriously ill CF patient. Our son would like to make a trip with friends to Zakynthos/Greece (8-15 juni). He needs oxygen continuously, at home 5l/hour. What should we do in terms of oxygen supply? In both airports he will land in? Can we take his portabe ...
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