We are moving from California to Florida. Will the new humidity lead to the boys becoming ill on our arrival?
Trip to Venice
Hello, do you think a trip to Venice for a person with CF is unreasonable, given the risk of exposure to Pseudomonas in the waters of the city? Thank you in advance
Plane tickets
We planned to go to Martinique for holidays but due to the medical exams of my CF son, a dangerous germ has been found. Therefore, a transfer to hospital is advised. Antibiotic treatment was recommended. Therefore, the trip is being questioned. Not having any insurance, the Company denies me any ...
pools with demineralised saltwater
Hi we are going to a resort in turkey and they advertise that they are environmentally correct and don't use drinking water in their pools. the water in their pools are sea water which is demineralised (a bit of the salt is removed). its a newly restored hotel 4 star my concern is the ...
Water tank in VW bus
Hello, we are planning a trip with the VW bus across Norway for several weeks. For washing the dishes (we would be well dried of course), cleaning, etc. we entertain the thought of using the 40-l-watertank. We would put Micropur into the tank prior to departure to minimise the risk. Is this a ...
Travelling with CF
Dear expert team, We would like to fly to Israel over Easter. Is the air conditioning in low-budget carriers such as Easyjet dangerous for my 11-year-old daughter? Many thanks for the answer.
Travelling to Namibia and Cape Town with CF
Dear Expert team, I have CF and would like to travel to Namibia for three weeks in June/July (tour from Etosha National Park via Windhoek to the very south) and then fly to Cape Town for a few days. This would be an organized trip with a tour guide and accommodation in (at least) mid-range ...
Salt water pool
Dear expert team, In summer, we would like to rent a holiday home with salt water pool in Mallorca. Can our children (both CF, 4 and 6 years old, so far pseudomonas-free) use this pool without any danger as far as infection with pseudomonas is concerned?
moving to Germany
hello, my son has cystic fibrosis and is treated in France since birth. My husband will be transferred to Germany and I want to know whether he can be followed there knowing that I do not speak any German? thank you for your response
Malaria prophylaxis
Dear expert team! In autumn 2012 I would like to travel to Namibia. While planning the trip I came across the hint several times that preventive health precautions have to be taken necessarily with regards to malaria prophylaxis, especially when travelling to the North (e.g. Etosha pan). I have ...
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