CF care in Guadeloupe
Hello, We leave next summer for Guadeloupe for three years. Do you have advices on the care pathway that we will have to prepare ? Physicians, pulmonologists, physiotherapist
CF Centre in Mallorca
Is there a specialised CF centre for children in Mallorca?
Trip to India
Hello, I plan a trip to the North of India, to Rajasthan (delhi, agra and jaipur) from April 13th to 19th. My FEV1 is 60% of predicted. I would like to know: 1) if the climate, an estimated 25 to 33 °C, is neither too hot nor too dry during this period (tropical?) ? 2) which are the CF ...
Holiday camp
Hello, Our 13-year-old son would like to spend his next summer holiday in a camp, or at least have a bit of an “adventure.” He is chronically colonized with PSA (encapsulated as well) and has to inhale Pulmozyme® and colistin on a daily basis. FEV = ca 95% and quite resilient. We cannot ...
Is it a good idea to take a child with CF to the Turkish seaside? I would also like to know if flying is dangerous to him even if he doesn´t have any serious problems.
Summer camp
Hello, Our 13 year old son would spend his next summer vacation in a summer camp and enjoy the adventure. As he is chronically colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, he receives Colistin inhalation and Pulmozyme daily. His FEV1 is 95% and he is very fit, but we are not "hot" for him to go ...
Hello, My boy would normally participate in a mountain trip with his class this winter. The children normally go to the Dolomites, Italy, to downhill skiing with a high altitude (1800 m +). Are there risks for my 12 years old child ? Is he susceptible to have breathing problems? If so, which ...
Physio sessions abroad
Firstly a big thank you to all the team for your answers and tips that help us every day, you're a great help. We often go to Portugal and Spain, we would like our grandchildren to discover these countries. Do you have a listing of physical therapists with whom we can approach if physiotherapy ...
Positive influence of the air at the North sea
Dear, I have 2 questions - Can the composition of the air in the area of the North sea diminish respiratory symptoms in patients with CF? - Is there a positive influence of the composition of the air at the North sea (salt-iodine) on the progress of lung damage in patients with CF? I realise ...
Mountain Holidays: height limit?
Hello We wonder if there is an altitude limit not to exceed in the mountains (we are planning a stay of 8 days in the Alps at 1800 meters above sea level)? Our daughter is aged 15 months, and requires daily chest physical therapy . thank you in advance.
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