Flight in an air balloon
Can a flight in an air balloon cause problems for a CF person with an FEV1 of 60%?
One-way nebulizer
Hello, many thanks for your information about the Porta-Neb. The one-way nebulizer is unfortunately only recommended for bronchodilators. Are there further inhalation devices with one-way nebulizer (suitable for Colistin and DNAse?) or what do you recommend for a journey abroad in a host ...
Stay in holiday resort
What are all the precautions to be taken during the boat ride and during the stay? We are planning a trip to Corsica in a holiday resort with our little girl of 3 years Thank you.
Testing of water / water processing
Hello, we are planning a holiday on the isle of Corsica with the camper. As our daughter suffers from CF, we are going to rent a complete new camper which is in a good hygienic condition. How can we test the fresh water on site and what do you recommend concerning the processing in the tank? ...
Prof.Dr.Ioan Popa, my name is Maria. I have 2 sons that suffer of CF: Eugeniu 22 year old and Cristian 17 year old. My oldest son is finishing the Law School at the University of State in the Republic of Moldova and he has the occasion of attending postuniversitary studies in Timisoara with a ...
Soakaway (soakage pit)
Dear expert team, We are planning a summer holiday with our 13-year-old daughter (CF) in a holiday home in a rural area in France. The house is not connected to the sewerage but has a soakaway that is about 20 m away. Could this be an inconvenience with regards to Pseudomonas or other bacteria? ...
We would like to camp with our grand son next August. Could he sleep in a tent - he is 4 years old -, is this not too risky?
air conditioning
Is air conditioning in airplane dangerous for my 5 months old cystic fibrosis daugther ?
Dear Sir or Madam, My son has to fly to Shangai and Mumbai for job reasons (each trip takes 8 days). Do you have information if there are contact persons or outpatient clinics for CF? Many thanks in advance.
Climate and cystic fibrosis Hello, what type of climate is most advisable for a patient with cystic fibrosis?
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