Dear team, my son, 27 years old, CF patient, has to go to Asia (Mumbai, Shanghai) for ten days on business. Which vaccinations would you recommend (which urgently, which only optionally)? He is in relatively good health; pseudomonas about once or twice a year, and problems with mold fungus ...
Journey in Peru
I am a cystic fibrosis patient. I’m 27 years old. I would like to travel in Peru. As I read some people are sick because of altitude, I would like to know if this journey is recommended for cystic fibrosis patient. I have a good respiratory function (between 80-100%) and never had oxygen ...
Outpatient clinic Prague / Czech Republic
My daughter is going to travel to Prague. Could you provide me with the contact details of an outpatient clinic in Prague / Czech Republic for the case of urgency? Many thanks! WK
Travelling by plane
Hello, we are planning a holiday on the Canary Islands with our daughter (actually 9 months, CF). Can we do this holiday without hesitation or does the about 4-hours flight present a great "danger" for her? Concerning e.g. the height, air-conditioning, germs, etc? Is she allowed to take a bath ...
Problems in high temperatures
Hello, do CF patients suffer from heat more strongly than "normal" healthy people, and if so, are there any particular recommendations apart from those applicable to everyone (drinking a lot, no sports outside, etc.)? Perhaps increased inhalation or something similar? Many thanks.
Planning our holidays
Hello, Last year we were at the North Sea. (…) This bring me to my question… This year we are planning to spend our holidays in Austria, but we are not sure about where exactly we should go. We are wondering if we should chose an accommodation directly at a swimming lake or on a mountain ...
hospitals in EU
Hello there. I would like to become a guide abroad - but I can't seem to find a list of the hospitals in e.g Spain... Any help?
Travelling (staying) at high altitude
Dear expert team, I would like to know from a medical point of view if the following trip would be possible for me or if it bears too many risks… I have friends in Quito and would like to visit them with two friends of mine. Quito is located at an altitude of 2900m above sea level. My current ...
Our 6 month granddaughter lives in South-Africa and has CF. Her parents plan a trip to Holland during the month of April. Is flying possible or does it cause problems.
US compatible nebulizer
We are traveling in France (to visit my mother in law's family) and burned out the motor on our Pari Ultra II nebulizer even using an adapter. We are renting a nebulizer now but wondered if it would be possible to find a nebulizer that would work here but be compatible with US voltage (100-230 ...
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